Hypocrisy at its finest ….

Harris blames Republicans for border crisis: ‘Unwillingness to engage in any meaningful reform’

Harris was tapped by President Biden to address the root causes of the border crisis in 2021

What a piece of work this broad is.

Vice President Kamala Harris (AKA Car-mella) blamed Republicans for the border crisis during an interview with NPR on Monday and said they were unwilling to engage on the issue.

Because of who she is and her skin color, she can get away with just about anything.

Is it even possible that any intelligent person can look at the conditions at the border, knowing what party political party is at the helm and still blame the other side.

I think this is the mantra in all of politics where the politicians protect one another, you lie and I will swear to it. What has impressed me so negatively, they do it with a straight face never blinking an eye.

PFL (professional fuckin liars)

If answered truthfully, two questions can identify who is the culprit behind all of the conditions plaguing the United States.

WHO OPEN THE GATES AND WHO SHUT DOWN THE PIPELINE??? That is the undeniable truth.

Car-mella and Buckwheat had to attend the same Bullshitting academy. They were BOFF at the top of their class.

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