Here ye here ye here ye open,  the king has lost his britches

Air Force grounds B-2 stealth bomber fleet after aircraft catches fire during emergency landing

A B-2 Spirit caught fire during an emergency landing earlier this month

I am still trying to figure out why the United States is the only country in the world that has to put all of their personal – secret – private information on Front Street?? It just does not make sense. The words secrecy or element of surprise does not show up in the government’s dictionary.

I have seen these Rhode scholars do this so many times, it is total insanity. The USA is the only country in the world that announces to one of its adversaries that in two months we are going to cross the pond, come over and kick your ass. (tell me the last war the USA has won to prove my point) Personally if I had intentions of beating down one of my rivals, I certainly would not call him and tell him, in three days I’m gonna come over to your house loaded with two ball bats ready to rumble. What would I expect when I got there except to have Billy the Bully waiting and prepared to do me in. That has always amazed me, this is the United States’ MO.

In many cases, the element of surprise is what wins the war.

Now they have some of the most powerful secret weapons in our Air Force arsenal that are out of commission, naturally weakening our defense, and they announced it to the world?? brilliant!!

Hey fellows across the pond; come on over and pay us to visit while all our defenses are down. Can’t think of a better time for you to kick our ass.

F-in genius

Whoever said politicians had any common sense?? Maybe only their mother.

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