They wanted a cheap suit and that’s what they got …

Eric Adams warns of NYC service cuts to prioritize migrants as Title 42 expires: ‘This can’t continue’

Adams says he refuses to be ‘forced to choose new arrivals over current New Yorkers’

I hate to shower any accolades on Car-mella, BUTT…

Critics blast Kamala Harris for claiming voters ‘got what they … › watch

Mar 1, 2022 — Critics have ripped into Kamala Harris after the US Vice-President claimed voters “got what they asked for” electing her and Joe Biden to …

She was 1,000% right when she said, the voters got what they voted for. They elected to put all of these progressive, liberal, far-left fools/stumblebums into office with all of their socialists/off-the-wall ideologies and philosophies on how to run government. The avenue that we absolutely do not want to travel down is a socialist route. It has been proven time and again their methodology for the lack of a better word, sucks, and is only detrimental to the entire population of these cities.

I am absolutely positive this cancer they have invented is going to spread like wildfire to all the rest of the cities if it is not brought under control. I will compare the spread of it to the American version of COVID.

I have been preaching this from day one. there is absolutely no way in the world that any society can live without law and order. Now because of their ignorance, they are paying a big price and have no idea how to exit stage left. I will say, the dilemma that they are in is their own fault and I had very little compassion for them. What disturbs me are the smart people that were not signatory to this insanity and for the consequences.

If this country ever intends to make a complete 360, they have to start at the top and eliminate every bad apple in the barrel, most of all, Kamikaze Joe and his crew.

The fools (PP – pathetic politicians) on the right can bitch and moan about it all day long, but if they do not take any action all their half/assed intentions are for naught.


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