Bring Kamakazi up on criminal charges ….

El Paso declares state of emergency as US-Mexico border crossings surge: ‘Not safe’

Mayor Oscar Leeser announced the state of emergency Saturday saying he could not guarantee residents’ safety

How would you like to look out your front door and see the staring in your face?? Despicable!! If not brought under control immediately, this will be the landscape in every city in every city and state in the country thanks to Kamikaze Joe. You think it is a f-in joke?? Don’t start laughing yet.

There should be some way to bring criminal charges against the president of the United States for deliberately putting the entire country at risk just to settle the score, Donald Trump. You do know this is what it’s all about.

Because of his vendetta and vengeance to override and change everything that Trump did while in office, this ice cream cone-licking monster of a president has put the entire country in danger.


Like everything else he does, he is a glutton, one cone is not enough for him.

Because of his incompetent actions, there have been numerous deaths, thousands of crimes, and illegals subjecting this country to unknown diseases. There should be a way to hold this bum accountable for what he’s done. On top of it, all of his illegal activities have been executed without any sense of remorse or regret. There are no appropriate words derogatory enough to explain this beast.

As I alluded to in one of my previous posts there are two steps that could get this country back on track. All it takes is a stroke of a pen. SHUT THE GATES AND OPEN THE VALVES. it is that easy but Kamikaze refuses to do it.

I would sincerely hope that there would be some way to bring this vermin up on criminal charges and make him accountable for all of the crimes against humanity he’s committed since being in office.


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