These pampered BRATS need an old fashion ass whipping ….


Students at expensive New York university occupy campus, demand A-grades for everyone

New School students are also demanding no tuition increase until 2028 and that the university president’s house becomes “communal property”

How about something more to their liking. they could stay home, never attend college at all and have the school mail them their diploma with all “A”. WAFJoke.

The pathetic part will be if these fucking knit wits that run schools capitulate and kiss these brats asses, to one degree or another.

Many of the deans and professors are wackier than the students, so we could never really try to figure out what their next idiotic move will be. Nothing they do surprises me.

Can you imagine being on an operating table and having one of these knuckleheads operating on you that never really qualified for their diploma?? Don’t laugh, I am sure it has happened in the past.

This is one of the significant problems in our society; because of the stupidity of some parents and the lack of discipline in government, many kids today never had to (THE FOUR LETTER WORD THEY HATE) EARN anything. Everything they have today was handed to them on a golden platter by either their PPP pathetic permissive parents or ignorant government. They are the same fools who would think nothing of having the government pay their entire tuition fees, and not really EARN their own way through school.

They never considered all the millions of students that came before them who broke their asses to pay off their student loans. I’d say they’re a bunch of greedy sons of a bitches

I love some of these old cliches that were thought up by some people that had a lot of wisdom, very brilliant people that lived by old-school values, something that does not exist today.

Give a man a fish and he eats for one day. Give that same man a fishing rod and he will eat for life.

I have coined a few cliches myself. One of my favorite is: If everybody likes you you’re doing something wrong. Think about it, there are scumbags in this world, if they like you it would be an insult.

The schools of higher learning that espouse to this type of mentality, better get their head out of their asses and do things the right way. If they continue along the same course, all we’re going to have at the end of the road are a bunch of babbling idiots better qualified for nothing than freeloaders like 5 generations of their family has been and sucking up handouts from the government all their worthless lives.

these social services that were created by the country way back in the early 1900s were strictly 4 indigent people that really needed a break in helping hand. Because of the government’s incompetence and lack of control, the services spiraled absolutely out of control so bad that they can never be recovered and used for their intended purpose.

There has to be trillions of dollars the US Squandered and people that were not qualified for these services, but never had the sense to get it back under control. All the pathetic politicians know how to do to try to control the economy is print more money and raise taxes. They would never inconvenience themselves to try to figure out how to cut costs without raising taxes. that takes too much work and may cut into their vacation time.

I should really get an A plus for this essay. It took me about 20 minutes to post. I think it is well done, well written, to the point and best if all I did not have to attend any classes.

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