Man overboard ……

Biden administration boating proposal would be ‘greatest regulatory overreach’ of its kind, critics warn

Proposed regulation aims to prevent boats from hitting endangered right whales

“This would be the greatest regulatory overreach in American maritime law” — that’s how Frank Hugelmeyer describes a proposal by the Biden administration to limit the speed of all motorboats over 35 feet from Florida to Massachusetts. “

I know one thing; if that carp (his preferred fish because it is greasy like him) dinner is late getting to Kamakzi’s dinner plate he will surly would reevaluate his ridiculous proposal.

AGAIN: The whole world is on fire around this guy and he’s cutting his grass.

Who in the name of common sense comes up with recommendations like this? They all need to be in the padded cell.

With all of the turmoil, dysfunctionality, crime, monetary condition, and mismanagement of the country, that is all that KJ has to worry about is how fast a motorboat goes between Massachusetts and Florida. GMAGFB!!

If this insane bill has ever passed, who do they think is gonna police these waters?? Don’t the coastguards have enough on their plate to deal with let alone worry about the speed of a motorboat??

The only thing I can say with absolute positivity; is there is not one meaningful thing beneficial the government does to advance and benefit our way of life. It is all about their pet projects.

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