Buckwheat lies like a cheap worn out rug ……

Karine Jean-Pierre ripped for claiming Biden has worked to secure the border: ‘Most egregious lie I’ve heard’

The White House press secretary’s remarks on border security were blasted as ‘propaganda’


To even suggest that Kamikaze is beating the bush trying to rectify the border issues is nothing but a bold-faced line of bullshit. Tell the people who live in the boarder towns that K J is busting his ass trying to help them. Just take a look at the news as to what is going on. For the administration to try to sell us that bill of goods is an insult to our intelligence, or most of us anyway.

They are invading by the millions thanks to Kamakzi Joe

Do these people actually see what long-range problems that will surface because of releasing millions of illegals into this country, many of whom are criminals, drug pushers, and some carrying untold illnesses?

The only answer could be; Kamikaze and his people are trying to destroy this country. There cannot be any other logical explanation.

Yet they have the balls to hold press conferences and deliberately lied to the public to try to conceal their anti-American intentions and incompetence.

Buckwheat has to be one of the most sarcastic flunkies ever to man the podium. It is as apparent as it can be that she comes your with a chip on her shoulder ready to put on the boxing gloves.


I have to label them as professional liars. How can these Marionnettes look directly into the camera, lie and be so deceitful to the American public?? We all know they are schooled before they get in front of the microphone as to what to say and what not to say. I would suggest; if the truth cannot be told, and, no topics should be out of bounds, they must answer the questions truthfully, what is the real purpose of having press conferences but a total waste of time.

All the conferences amount to is a pissing contest to see who out bullshit the other and yell the loudest.

One of the things that disturbs me the most, these hypocrites think that the American public is that naive to believe their nonsense. If their performances were rated on a bullshit meter, they would be totally off the charts.

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