The last supper …..

Mississippi death row inmate dines on pork chops, biscuits in last meal before execution

Mississippi corrections officials said Thomas Loden ate all the food and had been in ‘good spirits’

For his last supper, this rapist, killer’s last meal included two bone-in fried pork chops, fried okra, a baked sweet potato with butter, Pillsbury Grands biscuits with butter and molasses, peach cobbler with French vanilla ice cream and Lipton sweet tea, the Mississippi Department of Corrections told Fox News Digital. They should have sprinkled a little rat poison in it to spice it up.

At least he got to live 20 years longer than his 16-year-old victim and went out in style dining on a gigantic dinner of his choosing.

Thomas Edwin Loden Jr., died by lethal injection at the Mississippi State Penitentiary last night for the murder and rape of 16-year-old Leesa Marie Gray in 2001.

After all these years it still slays the shit out of me that when someone is convicted of a capitol crime beyond the reasonable doubt, and given the death penalty, even though positive DNA testing, they are housed for at least 20 years at the taxpayer’s expense Living the good life while the victims and their families suffer mentally and physically. When someone is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they should be taken immediately dug out the back door and hung.

It cost on average $60,000 a year to keep someone alive on death row. For those that are a little short on their mathematical skills, that equates to $1,200,000. not too bad huh.  Not only does the family of the victims suffer from the loss of their loved one, but the taxpayers also carries the financial burden of keeping them alive and well.

One time I would like to hear a government official give me a good reason why this practice exists. It makes absolutely no sense. But whoever said that our government should make sense??

I would like to see the family of the victim determine what the convicts get as their last dinner before they go to the gallows. it sure as hell would not be a gourmet dinner, I can guarantee that.

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