Optimistically the SILENT MAJORITY is waking up !!!

Peter Boghossian teaches ‘forbidden classes’ as ‘truth-seeking’ University of Austin raises $100 million

University of Austin has started hosting ‘forbidden classes’ even though free speech college hasn’t even broken ground


It has gone much too far and much too long the progressive/socialist/liberals fools have been trying to ramrod their irresponsible ideologies down the throats of the real Americans. They are nothing but a pathetic group of far-left saboteurs and instigators attempting to overthrow our democracy. As far as I’m concerned I would not even consider them Americans.

There is absolutely no way that the off-the-wall principles they subscribe to are for the betterment of this country. The only thing they are doing is attempting to destroy what took 250 years to build as a strong democracy; now they want to force their socialist way of living on the rest of the country.

The University of Austin, established last year as a free speech alternative to other colleges, has raised more than $100 million, thanks to donors who are concerned about America’s future and global standing, Peter Boghossian, a founding faculty member, told Fox News.

“For the donors, this is not just a matter of, ‘Oh, let’s give people an alternative to a broken educational system and help them live better lives,'” Boghossian said. “There are larger economic issues at play as well.”

It’s gratifying to see that we have some people like Boghossian who have a strong voice and are willing to stand up for what is right for the country. The time of being silent because of fright or stupidity has long passed.

The lifters are nothing but a bunch of verbal bullies that continue to push their agenda and strike fear in the hearts of the real American people. Time to get out the duct tape people and silence these rabble-rousers.

Hopefully, it is not too late to gain back some of the ground that the real Americans have lost to these fools because of their silence. Up until now they have been very successful and pushing their messages. Let us hope; if we the patriots stand together we can put an end to their crusade or at least slow them up.

Speak up, ladies and gentlemen, these fools are trying to destroy everything that is right with this country, and for the most part, you are standing by with your thumb where the sun doesn’t shine and allowing them to do it. Remember a couple of things;

#1 Once you give something up it is very difficult to get it back, if at all.

# 2; If you do not voice your opinions strongly and be heard, that may indicate that you approve of their mission.

So far you have been like the kid that keeps getting his ass kicked by a bully and does not fight back. In the bully’s feeble mind, he may think you like it. Time to get out the proverbial ball bats.

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