Corruption beyond any ones imagination …….

A trash heap 62 meters high shows the scale of India’s climate challenge

Just another huge example of mankind being its own worst enemy and destroying itself.

Conditions such as this have existed, been festering or escalating for decades, like everything else that mankind is faced with, the people (politicians) that control the purse strings never take the actions they should until the problem is nearly unfixable and way beyond repair.

What is paramount to politicians around the world, what comes first on their agenda is theft and dishonesty in office. How much they can steal before their term is up.

I would never imply that they are all dishonest, but I’ll put the number at 80 – 90% are corrupt in some fashion or other.

Where some Indian people have to search for their meals

Is this beyond comprehension or what that any human being would have to live under these conditions? What makes matters even unthinkable; the people that control these conditions are living in the lap of luxury.

President of India crib

How can anyone in power have the conscience to ignore the deplorable conditions that exist for their people while they live in palatio palaces themselves? It is unthinkable.

I will not give the United States a pass on this. Conditions in some areas are nearly as bad as they are in India.

While the politicians are sucking the coffers of the United States dry stacking up the dead presidents in their own personal bank accounts, people are living in squaller.

Detroit, USA

One of Kamakazi Joe’s cribs.


These conditions are not just prevalent in India, they do exist around the world and are well hidden by their governments because of their shameful irresponsibility.

The fact of the matter is, many of these countries have the finances to correct their problems but the politicians are stealing them blind.

The USA has sent trillions – trillions – trillions of $$$$ of foreign aid to many countries, where only a fraction of, if that, ever reaches its intended purpose/source. I don’t know how these thieving bastards can sleep at night.

I’m just about thoroughly convinced that nothing is ever going to change. So many critical issues have been ignored too long and are too out of control to ever reverse. Corruption in politics being one of the major factors in the demise of the USA.

Eventually, the bottom will drop out when the damages have reached their pinnacle. We may be very close now.

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