She is one dangerous bitch!!!! Apologies to all the female dogs ……

Incoming House Democrats want to abolish prisons: ‘the world that we all deserve’

Incoming Florida Democrat Maxwell Frost envisions ‘a prison [and] police free society’

Hold on to your hats and bonnets ladies and gents. Once this nitwit is in office, the Sunshine State is in for a rough ride.

WTF do these fools come from. What rock did they crawl out from under, what cave have they been living in for the last 30 years, did her momma drop her on their head when she was born or did the doctor pull him out sideways and severely injure her fucking brain?? Lots of unanswered questions and not one sensible answer.

From where I come from, it’s virtually impossible to be this stupid and continue to safely exist. An imbecile like this would get beat up about 15 times a day

Does this babbling idiot see what’s going on in the criminal world with reduced police forces?? Now to put gasoline on the already raging fires, she wants to eliminate jails and prisons. WTF is between her ears??

Why not issue all of the criminals in this country rocket launchers??

As the Japanese say “nobody stay”.

And to think that there are people as ignorant as she is that elected her to public office is frightening. That just clearly demonstrates the intelligence of the voters. Pathetic. This is why I say, this country is on its way out.  

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