The #disaster in the #USA …..

Is this a #disgrace or what??? What has our country #regressed to? It is #shameful to call this country the United States of America.

In Philadelphia (city of Brotherly love my ass) where the crime is up well over 50%, is so bad that a gas station owner had to hire private security to protect his business. He has been broken into or robbed over a dozen times in recent months.

Cities like Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and others are not far behind. Most of the being democratic cities. Isn’t this a great achievement to brag about.

All of this insanity has been spearheaded by the progressive, liberal left. A bunch of psychotic M-%$#*&% maniacs, with a leader that is just as insane as they are.

I am a patriot/veteran who loves this country or should I say, loves what it used to stand for. To see it regressing in this manner, initated by a large group of anti-Americans bastards deliberately trying to destroy our freedoms is heartbreaking. To think that we have a son-of-a-bitch sitting in the highest seat in the country condoning and allowing these criminal issues to escalate and destroy us it’s just unthinkable.

The conditions in this country are getting so bad I can almost compare it to the country of Mexico where crime is so rampant and the establishment is so crooked, there is really nowhere to go for any relief or satisfaction when crimes are committed. Who does a person report a crime to if the cops (politicians) are more corrupt than the criminals?

There should always be a solution to any problem one way or another, but no matter how I dissect this or analyze it, I do not see any positivity coming out of it. All I see is the total destruction of America if these degenerates are not stopped.

Another area where the liberal left is exceptionally strong is Seattle. The crime rate is up substantially. Thieves have ransacked and destroyed property in a restaurant over a dozen times in the last 2 years, pushing the owner to go out of business.

I have no idea where these liberal fanatics are headed with their insane movements. I can only tell you one thing, it is right to the graveyard.

In North Carolina, an 83-year-old Shopper at Home Depot died after being assaulted in broad daylight, in the store by a snake-bastard thief.

There are hundreds if not thousands of such crimes committed daily in this country because of the progressive attitude the lawmakers have, allowing criminals to go free and run wild. I am very anxious to see how they are going to react when all of this insanity starts impacting them personally. Who were they going to call for help when there was no Police Department, who were they going to call for help when there’s no fire department??

There is so much lawlessness going on in this country it would take me six months to categorize it and publish it all.

Kamikaze Joe is standing behind his position that there is no problem at the border, the economy is thriving, or for that matter, the conditions in the rest of the country are outstanding. What the fuck is this guy looking at. He is a disgrace to humanity, his country, and the office he holds. My only wish would be, he would have to live among those people to experience what they’re going through.

There are not enough derogatory adjectives in the English or Chinese dictionaries to describe what a certified Maniac this guy is.

I believe that Kamikaze Joe should be held accountable for all the deplorable conditions and deaths that have resulted because of his incompetent position as the president of the United States. That includes charges of murder, deliberately trying to destroy the country, corruption in office, deliberately and bold face lying to the public, and most of all dereliction of duty.

Why should every other creature on the surface of this earth that deliberately breaks a law as Kamikaze Joe has be held accountable?? Why should he not be held accountable for his actions??

I would love to ask him face to face; if anyone in this country was as derelict as he is, should they be held accountable for their crimes?? I can tell you exactly what his answer would be” go get me a triple Decker chocolate ice cream cone”. That is how far out of reality this guy is.

K J’s first love after kissing little girls on their neck.

People have to understand something; this killer scenario did not just start yesterday; it has been in the works for dozens of years with radical elements trying to bring down the democracy.

This guy claims to be Catholic?? This hypocrite is one of the most flagrant sinners on the planet for the crimes he has committed against humanity. I have to believe, this is about as specific as anyone can get.

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