Loaf of bread under each arm and not satisfied …

Former Trump official says he may launch 2024 bid to stop Trump

John Bolton, who served as former president Donald Trump’s national security adviser, says he is contemplating entering the 2024 presidential race to stop Trump from getting a second term in office.

Donny will never make the cut. He did it to himself.

Muhammad Ali thought he was the greatest, he got that one wrong!!

As the old Italian saying goes; the son of a bitch has a loaf of bread under each arm and is still bitching.

I think that fits Donald Trump to a tee. The man has everything and anything any person could want in life, has achieved just about every plateau of success, had every opportunity many times over that other people just dream of, or even kill for.

The thing that he does not have going for him is a filter to clean up what he says. PLUS PLUS PLUS an enormous ego, his greatest hangup is self-control being more careful in what he says.

Whatever comes into his ear, immediately, without any type of scrutiny, comes out of his mouth.

The man is absolutely afraid to admit he does not have the answer to a question or a solution, moreover a problem. His immediate response when asked the question is whatever pops into his brain. If he would stop a few seconds and digest what he just heard or answer by saying I’ll get back to you I don’t know, is one of the primary reasons he put himself in a dumpster

It really is amazing, there are people in this world that have everything anyone could ever want. They have money (more than some cities – states or countries), they have looks, they have personality (when it is under control), they have fame and they have a fortune, but one thing that seems to be their Achilles heel is their stupidity and out of control ego. Donny is the poster boy for that.

This man had the greatest meal ticket in the world going for himself; all he had to do was learn how to controlla la sua bocca e il suo ego; he could have written his own meal ticket.

People can bad mouth PTD all they want and in so many different areas, justifiably so. There is one attribute he has that no one, not even his worst advosaries can deny about him, not being able to take the proverbial punch. He has had more verbal asswhippings in the last six or eight years that 99.9% of the population on earth could not withstood. But like the bunny, he keeps on ticking. Nobody can ever take that away from THE DONALD!!

His opposition and even some of his constituents absolutely brutalized the man but he kept coming back for more. To me that is remarkable. This is why I feel with a character as strong as he has, if the right circumstances or conditions existed, he would have gone down in history as one of the best presidents the United States ever had. Except for the his lack of control in certain areas, I think he is a phenomenal, unique person.

This is one of the reasons his opposition detests the man, they could not control him. I think the degree of assault leveled at PDT was shameful and certainly overkill. How is somebody (any proud man or women) supposed to react when their adversaries keep getting in their face day after day not even giving his family any slack.

I’m very surprised he did not take more drastic actions against these fools. Like that ignorant bitch Madonna who said she was gonna burn down the White House. If I were sitting in that top seat; her pathetic ass would have been in jail that night for about 20 years.

My recommendation to Trump is to save his money. Whenever the right candidate is picked (if there is one)  to run on the republican ticket. Right now he is pissing up a rope.

Personally I don’t know why anyone in their right mind that would want that job. It has to be all prestige and money driven.

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