Racism is NOT a one-way street …

Racism to blame for firing of liberal MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, claims Washington Post columnist

Columnist Karen Attiah claimed ‘attacks against Black educators, authors and journalists are increasing across the country’

Among many other questionable racial hate-filled comments; On her Saturday morning show, Cross routinely made inflammatory comments. She insisted that Trump supporters have started the second American “civil war.” The host called Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted in the shooting deaths of Kenosha, Wisconsin rioters, a “little murderous White supremacist,” and claimed that Black Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., is “thirsty for white approval” because he’s a Republican. 

Contrary to what many people believe, racism is NOT a one-way street. The traffic should flow in both directions.

There are probably more racists in the black community against whites than there are in the white community against blacks. Many things that white people say about blacks are dissected, scrutinized to death, and put under the microscope; while many things that black people say about whites are openly accepted and rarely challenged.

The time is long past of setting a good examples for young kids of all races to make sure they are not raised in a hate-filled society.

In the speech, Cosby says that African Americans should no longer blame discrimination, segregation, governmental institutions, or others for higher unemployment rates among blacks or the racial achievement gap; rather, they have their own culture of poverty to blame.

Cosby berates blacks for abuse, failure as parents – NBC News

https://www.nbcnews.com › wbna5345290

Jul 1, 2004 — Bill Cosby went off on another tirade against the black community Thursday, telling a room full of activists that too many black men are …

It was very sad that the man had a dark side (no pun intended), a secret life and did not have more of an opportunity to spread his impartial wisdom among his people.

When a person sleeps with a dog they usually get fleas.

All people are products of their own environment. True life lessons should be taught at home, not on the streets or at school. By the time a kid reaches school age, I should know right from wrong taught by their parents. That is not the case in many situations. Some parents assume that kids are sent to school to be disciplined, where that is completely wrong. Kids should be disciplined by the time they hit the front doors of the school house.

When kids are raised in a hate-filled environment (both in black and white communities) how do we think that they are going to turn out??

It is refreshing to see that Cross’s feet are being held to the fire for her racial remarks.It is about time the racial traffic runs both ways.

If society wants to make any headway in this dirty racial game, we all have to teach RESPECT instead of hatred. Not necessarily to love one another but to respect one another. If that can be achieved, (not being so CROSS) this world will be a much safer and better place to live.

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