Hats off to the MUSK MAN !!!!!!

Elon Musk ‘confident’ in Neuralink microchip device, expects to begin human trials in six months
Musk says the Neuralink implant was created with hopes of giving disabled patients the ability to speak and move again

Usually, I do not favor tampering/experimenting with the human brain, with some crackpot trying to invent another Frankenstein. In this case, if Musk’s scientific undertaking is successful and they have taken all the necessary steps to ensure its safety and effectiveness, I would say that this is a fabulous step forward in the medical field for so many disabled people.

What else impresses me about this undertaking of Musk benevolence; he is showing his generosity and regard for mankind by spending some of his billions on worthwhile projects.

Even though he is going to fill his already overflowing coffers with the sale of this microchip, he could be as greedy as other people with vast sums of money who only squandered on themselves.

I would like to see other billionaires like the camel jockeys in the Middle East, spend some of their enormous wealth on similar endeavors, instead of their personal greed.

This is one of the most outrageous examples of squandering money foolishly, much of which could have gone to a worthy cause.

Meet the man who spent $9 million on a license plate

https://money.cnn.com › 2016/10/31 › news › dubai-m…

Oct 31, 2016 — Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni wanted a license plate bearing the No. 5 so much he bid $9 million for it.

AYSDM; 9 million for a license plate, It had to be 10 times what the car cost. Gotta wonder what the plate with the #1 is valued at?? I guess that all depends on the fool that buys it.

It is gratifying to see there are some decent/generous people left in this world. After all how many surf and turfs can be eaten at one sitting, and how many Rolls can a person drive at one time??

It is all about ego and $tatu$, and how many O’s they in their bank accounts. I would conclude that Musk is a very decent man.

Hats off to the MUSK MAN. Keep it rolling.

My deepest respect sir!!

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