Talk about walking on egg shells …..


An honorary member of Buckingham Palace has resigned and apologized after a Black charity founder said she was questioned about whether she was really British at a royal reception on Tuesday.

Tell me, sometimes I am a little thick.

WTFDDIT make if a member of the royal staff asked a black person if they were really British. Am I missing something –

Is this a new method/element of (PC) political correctness – is this just another way to break somebody’s balls and harass them – is this just another person that had their period at the wrong time of the month – is this another fool that wants to jump on the bandwagon to get a little notoriety?? Whatever the case, they are absolutely stone fools.

For someone to be forced to resign their position because of a simple question as to, are you really British is absurd. I hate to see if that situation was changed a bit and the black person was asking if they were a fag/gay/sizzy.

Where is all this insanity going but in an absolutely wrong direction?

As in so many of my other posts, one of my primary concerns is how all of this WALKING ON EGG SHELLS nonsense is going to affect kids. They are being raised in a Society of absolutely destructive idiots, many of the kids today are fearful of looking into another person’s face. It is all part of the big scheme for control. It is called subliminal indoctrination and brainwashing.

Get a handle on it fools; these Jag-offs, the bad guys, in case you have not noticed, are winning the war.

What is so curious to me, there is little if any policing of what black people say about white, it is just what white people say about blacks that is normally under the microscope. A giant double standard

And trying to take everyone over the cliff with them.

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