Not going deep enough ….

Border state lawmaker warns Mayorkas to resign or face GOP-led House probe

Several House Republicans would like to see Mayorkas face investigation.

Rep. Debbie Lesko said she wants to echo a call from House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy for Mayorkas to step down.

“I’m glad that he has given Mayorkas an ultimatum: Either resign or we’re going to start investigations and see if it leads to impeachment,” Lesko told “Your World” Friday.

Why harass the PFC when it’ is the general that is responsible??

The right thing to do is to level all of these illegal activities charges against Kamikaze Joe and his crew. Go to the root of the problem. Don’t get pissed off at the waiter because your steak is burnt, have a problem with your meal, go directly to the cook.

But here we go again with (BAU) business as usual. The congressman wants to kick off an investigation, I ask for what?? If they need evidence of the disastrous conditions at the border, all they have to do is turn on the news or take one of their private jets they abuse to the site.

This will turn out to be just another typical governmental move to start an investigation. The suits wants to make the public believe they are dancing for their meals. How many months or years does that take, and usually comes to no resolution!!

With all the improprieties and off-the-wall activities for years that have plagued the United States political system, I still have not seen anyone go to the gallows for their misdeeds. BUTTTTTT nowwwwww, they are holding anotherrrrrrrr investigation; probably at The Four Seasons only to spin their wheels onc more and come away with air.

See my post from a few days ago.

Do whatever it takes …..

Posted on 11/24/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

SNIPPET: The first thing they do to correct a situation (ALL SHOW AND TELL), set up a committee, appoint a CZAR, make reservations for 2 – 300 at a five-star hotel, rent the most expensive rooms, hold hearings for about two weeks, all the while gorging themselves with the best food and the best liquor all on the taxpayers’ dollar. Is that close??

Nothing changes; they always have the same MO with all of their foot-dragging procedures. 99 9/10% of which is lip service.

Most of the time when the slime bags are subpoenaed for questionable activities, they do one of a couple things – do not answer the questions – take the 5th amendment 1000 times –  Claim they have no knowledge of the incident – or don’t show up at all.

Just take a look at one of the ongoing fiascos in politics, the (B B) Biden BRAT dog and pony show. They are going to drag this out so long, one of B B’s illegitimate kids will be able to run for president.

The people who really make out like a raped ape in the Marathon trials are the ambulance chasers. With all of their motions, with all of their working the system, with all of their delay requests, their cash register never stops ringing. Who pays the freight when the defendant is tapped out, naturally the taxpayers.

In my opinion; I do not think that a person who is caught dead to rights, on video, 50 different eyewitnesses, cash in hand should be able to plead not guilty to a bank robbery? Why you AXE; their ambulance chaser instructs them to do so. IF in all of the criminal incidents the perpetrator pleaded guilty, the trial would be over in one day instead of eight months. So goes the ambulance chasers’ gigantic payday. By pleading not guilty, the chasers fee goes from a few 1,000, in some cases millions.

I am inclined to believe that there are many back alley, closed-door meetings between the people that wear the robes and, and the ambulance chasers to divvy up the profits. So goes the American judicial system.

I TAKE THE 5TH. See you at the Four Seasons – come hungry.

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