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‘He just started shooting’: Walmart manager opens fire in breakroom, killing 6, in Chesapeake, Virginia

John Bacon, Thao Nguyen, Paul Bibeau


I don’t know how many times I have to get on my soap box and preach before the SITTING POWERS open their ears, get off of their repetitive ass and do WHATEVER is necessary to get a handle on these insane shootouts and mass murders.

I am going back 10 years ago (2012) with the same plea to the worthless, incompetentpoliticians. As you can see, I was right on!!1

Obama talks of …

Posted on 07/26/2012 by The Goomba Gazette

Not tomorrow – not next week or next month, now. Pass a law or laws that prohibits everyone except law-forcement and the military from owning automatic weapons. Give all of the owners six months to comply. When the six months is up, systematically go door to door with of special units of military or police squads and enforce the law. Give them up peaceably or taken by force.

It will be very very rough going from the beginning but as time passes and the laws are enforced, many of the criminals will voluntarily give up their weapons rather than suffer the deadly consequences. Not all but many.

The authorities know who they are, where they are, but they do not have the balls to go after them.

Once the criminals are relieved of the illegal weapons, the law-abiding citizens in the country must follow suit. Want results; get off your ass and make a move.

Tough time call for tough measures. Act accordingly or expect more body bags to be filled.

The criminals see right through the government’s weakness and use it to their advantage. They know that the politicians are nothing but a lot of hot air (bullshit) and rarely, if ever will they do what’s necessary to remedy a situation

Take a survey of the family members whose relatives have been victims of crime where automatic weapons have been used. Ask them if they agree with my analysis.

I will guarantee you there will be 100% thumbs up.

Folks; it is the politicians that create these conditions and many others, having turned their back on responsibilities for so long, it is completely out of control. All they do is point the finger at everyone else but themselves.

Than we have the Lily livered, bleeding heart fools that may think that my suggestion or methods are harsh, cruel and unusual punishment. To them I say; stick your head in the mouth of the beast and then tell me what you see.

It is not the fault of law enforcement that has perpetuated this situation, It is like the military; where the politicians stick their noses into areas it does not belong and consequently upsetting the proverbial apple cart taking away their effectiveness.

In short, 95% of politicians are worthless. If by taking a look at our current conditions is not proof of my statement, I don’t know what is.

I may go so far as to say, conditions like this MAY be part of their BIG SCHEME!! If it is not, why are they dragging their feet??

All of the grandstanders/backslappers politicians from the top down are running their mouths getting their 15 minutes of fame, always evading the root of the problem. The real issue is, they do not have the balls to go to the root of the problem. Conversation is very cheap.

It is like everything else with our pathetic government. When they have a financial problem (it is constant) they are always talking about saving millions and saving billions. Not to cut corners and get rid of the pork, their only solutions are, print more dead presidents and or raise taxes. Even a baboon can come up with such a remedy. They ALWAYS put as little effort into resolutions as possible. Their 401 K excluded.

Learn how to save pennies and the dollars will come. Get to the root of the problems; it is the politicians themselves not the conditions

While they try to save billions right off the bat, all they do is dig themselves into a deeper hole. Learn how to save pennies and the dollars will come.

The first thing they do to correct a situation, set up a committee, appoint a CZAR, get reservations at a five-star hotel, rent the most expensive rooms, hold hearings for about two weeks, all the while gorging themselves with the best food and the best liquor all on the taxpayers’ dollar. Is that close??

Quite honestly; I don’t see anything the government is good at except blowing taxpayers’ money, starting wars they don’t belong in, allowing illegals to demolish our landscape, and in general, jamming it in the taxpayers’ keister for Easter.  TOOOOOOO many to list.

Fools; do what you were elected for. Pass the laws necessary to keep the public safe and then enforce them. Having law are useless unless they are enforced.

One example of 1.000’s: §2385. Advocating overthrow of Government. Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

How much of this exists in the USA?? What are they doing about it?? 0000000

I don’t know if any of the Jack offs have noticed, but these mass shootings are continually getting worse and worse and more frequent.

Go back on my posts 12 years ago and this is exactly what I predicted. 12 r- 12 years – 12 years. These copycat crimes are only going to escalate further and further if something decisive is not done about it, immediately.

Politicians, you have no one to blame but your pathetic selves for these out-of-control conditions.

One of the pleas the politicians will probably cop is; an operation like this would be too expensive. To them I would say; how much have we given away to foreign governments and gotten nothing in return?? What is more critical, protecting the American people or being the asshole and bankbook to the world??  I guess the American people have their answer.

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