All in the family – No Archie Bunker ….

In order of dictatorship, we had Kim Il Sung – Kim Jung Il – Kim Jung Un, now we have the vicious sister Kim Yo Jon kicking up the dust in the news by making threats against the USA mostly, but the entire world.

It’s just boggles my brain knowing that there are human beings (or at least that’s what they call themselves) who are that demented, in humane, and vicious as this quartet.

First, we had the founder of communist North Korea, Sun, then we had his fucking whacked-out son, Il, next came the even more whacked-out grandson, Un, and now we have his granddaughter, Jon another certified mental case that just may top them all in the lunitic department.

Are these people all just a lot of conversation with their threats?? I really doubt it. As I’ve said so many times before; saving FACE is very big in Oriental culture. The kid dictator has made so many threats up till now he would look very cowardly if he did not follow through with them. Especially if he became ill or flipped his already demented lid.

If all the North Korea leader (the Kid Dick-tator) is looking for is to be recognized as a nuclear power??If this will satisfy his monstrous, obsession/behavior and have him back off, why not give it to him. No one can deny that they are nuclear power and a severe threat to the rest of the world. These would be intended to be only words and not a sign of defeat.

BUTT, more over, ALWAYS keep your eye on the hog and finger on the trigger, being 1000% vigilant just in case, preemptive if necessary, if this guy and his wacked-off clones need to be silenced.

When dealing with lunatics such as these four, there is no telling when or where they might pull the pin. I their twisted minds, they are not smart enough, humane enough and can careless for civilian casualties,

They are not normal, healthy minded, functional people.When dealing with their unpredictability, we must be 1000% vigilant just in case. The same goes for Putin, though I think the kid is more dangerous than he is.

SOOOOOO, if all this lunatic (THE KID) desires and it will tame him down, give him the recognition he so desperately desires.

I find it very peculiar that we have the technology to read a license plate on a car from 500 miles from outer space, but with that technology we will not have the desire to use that capability to take out whatever and whoever becomes necessary. That only leads me to believe there is $ome $eriou $oldi being made over all of this instability.

I don’t trust any of our political government leaders or at least 95% of them. Our history has proven me to be absolutely correct..

When we are seeing so many negative (silently) changes being made to the military, lessening our military strength, either by cutting their financial support, (our proven ways of being successful), in my estimation there are some, serious, nefarious, clandestine underlying intension transpiring.

Never try to fix the wheel if it is not broken.

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