What’s next, how to make #Molotov #cocktails ….

The University of Florida College of Medicine was singled out in a new report on how the school has adopted woke policies.

The University of Florida College of Medicine was singled out in a new report on how the school has adopted woke policies. (iStock)


The report from Do No Harm, a group of medical workers against divisive racial policies in medicine, explains that the college uses “equity” initiatives to train a new generation of “antiracists” in medical fields — two terms at the core of critical race theory. Those initiatives include active recruitment of “underrepresented groups,” suggested readings on diversity and equity for aspiring student and a code of ethics that explains how to address implicit bias.

What’s next, how to make Molotov cocktails or have a slip of the knife while slicing and dicing at the operating table to make it look like an accident. Just how far and how deep does their radical bullshit go.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it was always my understanding that schools of higher learning we’re supposed to educate people, not push hatred and create monsters out of the students to keep the fires raging.

It is no wonder that racial tensions continue to exist and do not look like they’re turning the corner anytime soon when we have organizations like this twisting and manipulating their students’ very impressionable, not yet fully developed brains.

WTF Is the matter with these fools? Why don’t they just come out in the open, have special schools set up where they have a curriculum on how to despise and not get along with white people.

This may be a case of one more time when I miss something. Will someone tell me what their end game is except to dominate the USA and impossibly the world with some of their progressive, racist,  socialist-mentality

Are these fools trying to resurrect some old hatred, old-style tactics that should be only seen through the rearview mirror?? This is one of them.

It may be bum scoop; I understand that the University of Florida starting a separate class on keeping the racial fires going called “BURN BABY BURN”. Maybe just a rumor, BUTT we all know, anything is possible and never out of bounds.

 “Burn, baby, burn,” a street slogan during the 1965 riots in and near the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, came from an on-air catchphrase used by the popular black Los Angeles disc jockey, the Magnificent Montague.Aug 16, 2005

Come on fools; get your head out of your ass and learn how to respect one another. You don’t have to like me because I probably don’t like you. Let us get it together, you respect me and I will respect you and that will be 90% of the battle. If you are not interested in racial harmony, keep poisoning the minds of these young kids. While you are at it GTALW off of a short pier!!!

It looks like to me, with all these nut jobs running their twisted minds, they are not interested in teaching their kids how to coexist, they want them to be brought up in the same miserable conditions they were.

I would put that under the heading of great parenting and great guidance.

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