How did WOKE let this one slip by …..

Products to get before Black Friday arrives—and other shopping tips

Kaleb A. BrownRachel Moskowitz

It seems odd to me that none of the radical black community members ever jumped on the bandwagon to get the name BLACK FRIDAY shit canned. Possibly their WOKE hasn’t completely AWOKE yet.

All this sensitivity about changing the names of sports teams, buildings, statues, etcetera has been blown way out of proportion. It used to be a huge compliment to have something named in a person’s honor.

Another blip on the WOKE radar screen until recently is Aunt Jemima. She has been on the pancake mix box for 100 years, and now all of a sudden she is WOKE TABBOO.

Slave in a box – GMAFB

If they were smart, they should be looking for royalties instead of lawsuits.

Just like the pancake mix, there is always some nutcase out there stirring the shit pot to keep the racial fires going.


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