The Swabbie better have his significant-other start his car ….

‘Americans will be shocked’: Former Hunter Biden business partner lauds GOP probe into Hunter Biden

Joe Biden has denied any involvement in Hunter’s deals

When I look at these two fools, all I see are these two two-bit fools displaying/showing off their store-bought capped teeth, most probably paid for by taxpayers’ money.

I do not know if Tony Bobulinski is married or shacking up with someone (hopefully a lady), Whatever the case may be, he better have them start his car for him every day when he leaves for a round of 36.

Stranger things have happened, but when you are going against THE BIG  GUY and his BRAT kid so publicly, there is no telling what they will resort to to put a muffler around this guy’s mouth to silence him.

Joe Biden has bristled at such allegations, including a notable exchange with a voter he called a “damn liar” and appeared to challenge to a push-up contest after the Iowa man brought up claims about Hunter Biden’s former position on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

“You said I set up my son to work in an oil company — Isn’t that what you said – Get your words straight, Jack,” Biden fumed at the man in 2019.

Kamakazi Joe has done a lot of denials, first pounding, foot-stomping, banging his head on the floor and endless lying about any involvement with his son’s overseas illegal activities. Or better yet that K J himself is/was heavily involved in his kids’ illicit activities. Now that the noose is tightening around his neck, let us wait and see what direction this SUPER THIEF takes. I think he will just continue to deny, deny, deny to the very end. That is what pathetic pathological liars do.

It is not just K J, 90% of the politicians walk around sporting their $4,000 suits, but when they drop their drawers, all of them have dirty skivvies underneath.

In THE BRATs’ case, possibly if the heat in the kitchen gets too much for him, while in a drug-enhanced stupid frame of mind, the coward may even resort to sucking on a 6-inch gasoline to take the easy way out. After all he has never in his entire life had to pay the price.

I would think at this point in his life when he has his back against the wall there is no better time for him to hit that white powder harder than he ever did before. No telling what a fucking druggie is going to do when there is no other direction to turn. Either way, he chooses, I don’t wish the worm any good luck.

Deny your way out of this one fellas

I said this before; it would not surprise me if the BRAT throws his old man (THE BIG GUY) under the bus to save his own ass. That is what his kind of slime bag does. Dainty individuals like the BRAT do not fare very well in a prison environment, having Bruno visit him every night carrying a bouquet of flowers in his hand. THE BRAT will do anything to avoid going to the slams.

Kamikazes situation, with all of the criminal activities he has been involved in since he has been in politics, hypocritically claiming to be a good Catholic, I am trying to figure out how this guy could look himself in the face in the mirror every day when he is shaving?

Possibly when he visited the Pope, his eminence give him complete absolution for all present and past sins, you know a blanket deal. That would not surprise me, being that the pontiff gave him communion when a priest in the United States refused to because of Kamikaze’s stand on abortion. Talk about a kick in the nuts from the Pope.

Joe Biden was denied communion at Catholic church in South … › 2019/10/29 › politics › joe-biden-…

Oct 29, 2019 — Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied communion Sunday at a Catholic church in South Carolina over his support for abortion rights.

Biden receives Communion in Rome amid debate in US

By NICOLE WINFIELDOctober 30, 2021

It leads me to wonder how much of a boo$t was in that envelope that K J gave His Holiness in order to receive special favors. (naturally not his own $olid) After all, in the world of politics and religion (same thing, different suits) appearance/face is the main consideration, performance, integrity and honesty come in dead last.

As we can see, with enough clout/influence and dead presidents, even the Pope can be bought off. But that is no great revelation either.

Somewhere down the line, a lot of people missed this train.


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