Kamakazi is giving away the farm – AGAIN ….

Biden pledges support for S. Korea, Japan in face of N … – UPI

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5 days ago — President Joe Biden on Sunday reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the security of South Korea and Japan amid continued …

Once again the USA with Kamakazi Joe at the helm is giving away the farm, live stock and all the property. I can’t help but wonder how many of the countries that we have been supporting, physically and financially for so many decades would come to our aid/defense if our ass was in a sling?? What do you see in a donut hole??

I am the first one to go out of my way or help any stranger, of any nationality, of any race, of any gender, of any age, incidentals such as those do not matter to me. Thank goodness I can thank my father for his blindness to prejudice. If I see anyone in a FIX that needs help, I am there to assist, financially or physically. BUT, there is one thing that I make sure of before I walk down that road, my family is taken care of first. Common sense!!!!!!

That has never been the policy with the United States government always playing the rich uncle and the financial institution, going around the world helping others when their own people are starving. In the background, there are many big corporations and wealthy people making big money in these transactions.

Kamikaze Joe had a meeting with South Korea promising to support them and Japan financially and physically if it becomes necessary against North Korea. This is getting to be a fucking joke. This guy passes out billions like it is shit paper.

Between the Ukraine war and all of the other tentacles we have sticking out in different areas, it is a disaster, that we have people eating out of garbage cans in this country.

I realize that we have to support the United Nations, but I would like to see it on an even basis per capita of every country to all signatory members. The United States has been the major financial supporter of the UN for many many years. upwards to 50% or more. WTFU fools and smell the napalm. We are burning ourselves up and do not have sense enough to put out the fire.

All these imbeciles do in the United States government is print more Dead Presidents to cover these expenses that are completely unnecessary, consequently, our dollar gets lower and lower in value.

When is the light going to go on in the idiots’ empty heads; when we are eating with chopsticks or drinking cheap Russian vodka?? Answer; only when conditions start affecting the politicians directly.

When in name of commonsense and self-preservation will the end to this outrageous benevolence that the United States has suffered for so many decades going to end??

If our country was 100% in the black or even close, I would be the first one to volunteer to help someone else. But when your refrigerator is empty and your bank account is dry, you do not invite the whole neighborhood for dinner and stay for a couple months.

The rationale of the United States politicians is absolutely unconscionable. I constantly try to figure how bad off do conditions have to get in the United States for our politicians to wake up and start taking care of our own people.

The lawmakers and rule makers do not have to live by the same conditions the common man does. If they did, it would be an entirely different situation. If they were spending their own money, instead of eating at Ruth Chris and staying at Four Seasons they would be eating under the Golden Arches and staying at Motel 6.

They are so pampered and spoiled our politicians’ entitlement mentality is obscene Ask any one of them when is the last time they missed a meal or could not pay for a prescription. One thing you could rest assured of, do not expect the truth or any answer at all,

To be clear I have the utmost respect and compassion for the unfortunate people around the world, but the cold hard facts are, conditions in their countries are never going to change because of the greedy bastards that rule.

Think of every country that we have invaded illegally or attempted to better their form of government, they were 1,000% worse off after we left than when we got there.

It is reminiscent of the missionaries that invade places like the Brazilian rainforest trying to change the natives way of life. All they accomplish is bringing diseases and discourse. The natives’ were a lot better off before the missionaries got there.

There is one explanation and one explanation only in the vast majority of these political war games the USA gets itself into. They can only be labeled; WAR FOR PROFIT. How many politicians have stock in the companies connected with manufacturing products related to wars?? The longer the wars drag on, the more money they make.

Take the pharmaceutical companies and anyone connected with supplying products for the resolution of curing COVID. How much money do you think they made. Why were they so adamant about pushing their product over and over and over again.

When COVID first popped its’ ugly head on the scene, I posted, just how many repeat shots are they going to come up with to keep the financial bandwagon rolling.

In part, we can’t thank JAWS  (Fauci in Italian) for his constant promoting and scare tactics, issues he NATURALLY denies.


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