Get a hold of it fools, the scumbags are winning …

My high school punished me for saying a male shouldn’t be allowed to watch me undress 

I was taught girls should speak up when something makes them feel uncomfortable, but the school didn’t care

As a girl, I was taught to respect the privacy of my body, and to speak up if I felt unsafe or if something made me feel uncomfortable. Now I’m 14 and shocked to learn not all adults take you seriously when you say you don’t feel safe or comfortable. In fact, they may even punish you for speaking out. 

It was  Randolph Union High School in Vermont.  Where else would you expect this kind of ignorance to come from.

This young lady is 1,000% right that her concerns are falling on deaf ears of some institutional imbecilic left-winger, politically correct, progressive, fucking idiots. How is that for a political correct statement? GMAFB

What we should do with these braindead rule makers, strip them of all their clothing and have them parade up and down the street in front of the school for a week. Essentially, that is what they are trying to forcefeed on all the kids under those supervision.

If these idiots we’re such true believers in their cause, why do they feel the necessity to cover up that little pecker and beaver of theirs ?? Don’t ever do anything halfway fools.

I hope these not so photogenic fools saved some pictures of these incidents so they can proudly show them to their grandchildren what radical fools they were. Come on, grow up, start setting the right example for your kids

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what their end game is. If whomever created mankind wanted everyone to be the same sex, we would not all be sitting here being exposed to all of their stupidity.

If I were the parents of the kids going to this and other schools like it, I would pull them all out he immediately.

As you can tell I never believed in soft soaping an issue/subject or beating around the bush (no pun intended) go directly to the source. That way there is no misunderstanding of what my true intention or message was. Why try to sugarcoated it??

I hope I did not spell precker or baever wrong.

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