This is the time in your life when you know you made the “A” team ……

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry???

Focus on what really matters

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I can’t figure out why I keep getting these close-to-death advertisements on the Internet and in the mail. I don’t even want to go to the mailbox anymore. All I get are advertisements from funeral homes, cremation facilities, companies selling hearing aids, constipation advertising, burial grounds selling plots, companies selling wheelchairs and walkers, dental facilities selling store-bought choppers, and any other kind of item that someone close to cashing-in would be needing. Gets a little depressing knowing that Grim Reaper’s sneaky ass is waiting around the corner.

I feel so depressed I might try to crawl across Route 1 in LA during rush hour or check out to see if there is a line at the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is not the fall that killed you, it’s the sudden stop.

One thing is for sure, the son of a bitch that coined the phrase the golden years was a stone jackoff.

If any of you fools out there work for one of these on-your-way-out companies, take me off your mailing list, this shit is getting old.

Yeah – I am talking to you

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