Lets us see just how much clout these people have ….

Leaders call for end of war at G-20 opening session

As leaders of the world’s largest economies gather In Bali, Indonesia, for the G-20 summit, some are calling for an end to Russia’s war in Ukraine. (Nov. 15)

I think they are pissing up a rope trying to negotiate with Putin.

To start and end with, Putin is such an egomaniac he will not take recommendations from anyone. #2 he is not the kind of guy that will accept defeat. Some way somehow, even if it is not factual, he has to come away with a WIN.

Just how brutal and sadistic can one human being be to exact all of the death and destruction he has.

So to all these big wigs that are sitting around the conference table at the United Nations, although I think it is an admirable cause, they should find something more attainable to occupy their time.

There are a lot of other issues in this world which fall under their jurisdiction that are unresolved. BUTT I would not want to interrupt cocktail hour or their supper.

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