Dirty as a cop can get ……

Ex-Kansas police detective allegedly helped run underage sex-trafficking operation for girls

I know you’ve read in many of my blogs, there are certain over-the-top situations when I want to put the Malocchio (evil eye) on somebody for their nefarious deeds

I usually say their devious, despicable acts should come back to haunt them or one of their family members.

In this situation, I am not that brutal to put such severe whammies on anybody’s family. I hope there is someway this scumbag pays the price for what he did to all the young girls.

I the perfect payback.

If this bastard gets convicted and sent to prison; I hope he brings a big jar of Vaseline with him because he’s going to need it. To me, that would be getting close to just punishment for this CREEP MOTHER.

Golubski, 69, retired from the KCPD in 2010 collecting a full pension, and then worked for another nearby police agency until 2016. 

The sons-a-bitch has been on full pension for 12 years. GMAFB!!!!!

In September, he was charged with sexually assaulting a woman and a teenage girl in connection to incidents two decades ago “while acting under color of law,” to commit the assaults, the indictment continues.

Golubski has pleaded not guilty to six federal civil rights charges in that case.

Degenerate creeps come in all sizes and shapes. This is why I’m ALWAYS so adamant about having a person earn their trust with you; it is not a giveaway, especially with young, impressionable kids. Don’t trust anyone, Needless to say, possibly even your priest until he proves to be worthy. What a sad commentary for this world.

If and when this guy goes to trial and is found guilty there should be a way to recover all of the benefits and pay that he’s received since 2010. PLUS INTEREST.

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