Keep going back and visiting your perverted uncle ….

Other Senate Republicans have expressed doubt in McConnell as their leader

Trump scolds Mitch McConnell as GOP Senate majority becomes unlikely after Democrats keep crucial Arizona seat

Other Senate Republicans have expressed doubt in McConnell as their leader

Mitch McConnell it’s just another one of the parasitical bums that has been a politician too long and there’s no concept of what the average person goes through. A good leader has to get down and dirty, get in the trenches with the common folk to understand their positions in life. Sitting on top of knob hill and looking down at the commoners does not give the person are true understanding of their everyday struggles.

As fucked up and wealthy as Donald Trump is; in my opinion, I think he had a very good connection with the common guy.

I think that Trump has seen his day in the sunshine and probably will never get re-elected as president. He used his own worst enemy and shot himself in the foot too many times, never having the good sense to put his 6 shooters away.

Metaphoric example: Possibly I have to take another approach to get across to some thick-headed idiots out there that keep making the same mistake over and over and don’t have the sense enough to go a different route.

They have a perverted uncle (democrats), who they visit about four times a month, every time they visit the slime bag he molests them. What are you doing to correct the situation?? You can’t tell your parents because they are as dimwitted as you are (blind) and also visit the creep on occasion. Either you approve of what he’s doing or are too weak and stupid to discontinue the visits with him and X him out of your life.

It is unconscionable that as deplorable of a job that the (your uncle) Democrats have performed in the last few years, that they still get the support from millions of common fools. They must like being used and abused. They keep going back to their perverted uncle’s house time after time.

Every time they have the opportunity to separate themselves from this pervert, they keep going back. Just does not make sense.

I think it is a combination of things (stupidity and greed), but basically, the public is looking at how frivolous the Democrats (their uncle) is with the taxpayer’s money and keep showering them with social services that many of them are not even qualified for. They know, sooner or later, if, in power, the Republicans will try to shut the door on many of these handouts to try and salvage the financial stability of the United States.

Thus what we have is a bunch of greedy bastards that keep going to visit their uncle. I hope that for those who had a hard time understanding my previous posts, this will resonate with them a little easier.

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