Lottery accused of ‘systemic racism’ after massive Powerball payout

Researchers told CNN that the lottery disproportionately preys on Black and Brown communities

A CNN piece on Wednesday spoke with critics knocking the lottery system as a form of systemic racism that targets poor Black and Brown communities across America. 

I hear from my roving reporter, all of the lottery commissions around the country got together and invented new machines that can tell what race the person is that is buying the lottery ticket and is able to discriminate against their purchase. GMAFB

My old friend used to say; They have a loaf of bread under each arm and are still bitching.

It is nuts. When these instigating habitual fools run out of legitimate complaints they invent something just to keep the racial fire boiling. GMAFB again.

They are a big reason why peace between the races may be impossible. It does not take much for the natives to get worked up.

From one of my other sources, they tell me, there is a bigger conspiracy going on behind closed doors leveled at minorities. There are two different sizes of hot dogs the venders sell at sporting events. The 12″ dogs are at the top of his tray, hidden under the top, they conceal the 9″ ers seripticioussly sell to the unassuming minorities at the same price. Sneaky bastards HUH??? What will they think of next??

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