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CNN analyst knocks Biden for saying he won’t do anything different post-midterms: ‘That’s insulting people’

Gloria Borger slams Biden’s comments during the post-midterm press conference

CNN analyst knocks Biden for saying he won’t do anything different post-elections

Listening to Kamikazee Joe’s comment brings back a conversation I heard coming out of the mouth if one of the most despicable worms on the planet during an interview.


As #cruel – #money-mongering – #cold-hearted – as a person without feelings or #conscience – probably as low in morality as a person can go on the totem pole of humanity. Tricky Dick Cheney said the same thing during an interview I will never forget. When he was asked how he felt about his involvement in all the illegal wars he got the United States into and their consequences, consequently costing our government thousands of lives, 100’s of thousands of permanent injuries to our troops, and trillions of dollars; this heartless bastard said he would not do anything different. I had to give that one a big WOWWWWWW.

Knowing all well and good that the illegal issues they were involved in were catastrophic to the United States, both of these bums have no regret whatsoever. How they would feel if one of their family members were victims of their greed, corruption (wars for profit) and irresponsibility?? I guess to a cold-hearted calculated psychopath doesn’t make much difference?

In essence, all their actions affected this whole country. Everyone was a victim of their tyrannical actions. Do you think it bothers them?? Hell no, they so much as admitted it. he/they would not do anything different.

All the disruption we see in the world today is an offshoot or result of what Dick Cheney and GWB concocted for their wars of profit. Without those illegal, dispicable actions, if they never would have occurred, the world would not be in such turmoil as it today. BUTT they have no remorse. That is absolutely subzero!!

I would like to be able to take a count of all of the fatalities that have occurred since, Kamakazi has been in office, directly or indirectly. Do we think he has any remorse for his unexplainable actions?? He admitted publically he does not.

How many people died crossing the border either accidentally or were murdered – how many crimes were committed by some of the criminals mixed in with the illegals – How many people have committed suicide because of the current conditions in this country – how many people starved to death because of the decisions of this administration?? All of these scenarios fall on the shoulders of Kamikaze Joe and his puppeteers. Should they not be held responsible for them??? You bet your ass they should. Will they, HELL NO. Someone should be held accountable. Or is everything to them just collateral damage

Does he have any remorse for his illegal actions?  He so much has admitted it when he said; he would not do anything different.

What we have here are two sociopathic/narcissist degenerates thrown into a mixing bowl, turn on the eggbeater, beat them up real good, dump them on a cookie sheet, bake them for 2 hours at 500 degrees, and the end result is Dick Cheney and Joe Biden two of the most despicable creatures on the planet.

How can anyone with half of a heart or any soul look at what these two monsters have created, all because of their lust for #$$$$$$, #power and #control, have no #remorse for their actions??

We sure did a great snow job on all them fuckin idiots didn’t we Dickie.

What in the name of anything sacred has the United States #regressed to when we are subjected to the #subhuman #leadership as we have??

Side note: #Happy #birthday to all the #Jarheads out there who are currently serving or have served the country #proudly and with #honor. Without our service, this country could not have survived as long as it has. I have many reservations about the future.

A Big shout out of recognition to# our #cousins in the #other #military #branches; without them at our sides, the country could have never survived.

#United we #stand #divided we #fall.

Turnup the volume. I still get goose bumps after 64 years.

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