Between the two of them ….

Russia’s reinforcements: Where Putin has found more weapons and troops as Ukraine invasion drags on

The Wagner Group may be leading recruitment efforts by turning to familiar allies

Biden’s war on ‘disinformation’ ramps up as GOP accuses officials of playing politics with the truth

Biden admin focused on countering ‘misinformation’ campaigns on social media, despite criticism it is stifling viewpoints

Between the two of them, Kamakazi Joe and Putin, they are going to get us all killed by start WW III.

K J with his outrageous, many times/inaccurate, threatening comments he makes to our advosaries.

K J this is not a Wolf Ticket contest. These people play for keeps, while all you are doing is selling Wolf Tickets and pounding you chest. 20 or 50 million lives mean nothing to them. Ask Putins’ soilders.

Now that Putin is getting his ass handed to him, something he and many others never expected, he is trying to get Iran, North Korea and any other demented fanatic he can scrounge up to help bail him out of this illegal and savage war he involved in.

I certainly hope the United Nations has a plan (the USA can not go it alone) if and when the trio of monsters gets into bed with one another. That would be a very deadly outcome on all sides Orrrr like in most situations, they wait until the sit hits the fan before going out and buying more toilet paper.

A handful of President Joe Biden’s most important federal agencies are stepping up efforts to monitor and counteract “disinformation” on social media platforms, even in the face of criticism that the administration is attempting to silence conservative or opposing viewpoints.

Biden administration agencies are pushing campaigns to combat disinformation.

Gotta rename this guy “Bum-scoop Biden”.

There is more bum scope and misinformation coming out of this guy’s mouth than actual facts or truth. His puppeteers better get a handle on BSB before it is too late for even them to get him under control and get our country into situations that we cannot back out of. Even if 5% of what comes out of Biden’s mouth was accurate it wouldn’t be half bad.

BSB is like the cowardly little guy with a big mouth who starts a fight in the bar and runs out, hides under a car when the shift hits the fan.

It is not bad enough that the man is incompetent, insane, mentally impaired, senile, and a voracious bullshitter, even with his cue cards, the guy is a gigantic train wreck.

I love the recent F-up he made when making a speech the other day and referred to The United States having 54 states instead of 50. AYSM???

Folks this is one dangerous man, not only to himself, but to the entire world. He should be taken out to an abandoned island, dumped off in the middle of the Pacific for the next two years or maybe even 10 so he cannot get our country into anymore predicaments than it is already.

Then we have the savage Putin who never thought he was going to lose him in a war with Ukraine and conquer it with little to no resistance at all.

Now that he is up to his eyeballs in a shit pond, he desperately is seeking assistance from the other homicidal maniacs to help him win the war. This entire scenario could turn into something very ugly and deadly.

It is the utmost importance and urgent for the money people that put in BSB in power, recognize the damage this guy is doing to the rest of the world. He has to be brought under control somehow for the safety sake of the entire world.

Before they know it, all of their clandestine operations to try and revolutionize/destroy our democracy are going to backfire on them.

Let us use just one huge example of BSB incompedenct. Swinging open the border gates and allowing millions of illegals coming into this country. 95% of them are undocumented or veted for criminal records and diseases.

Once again: quote from doctor Phil

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