I am exhausted just thinking about it ….

New mom wins IRONMAN championship: First American to win in over 25 years

Chelsea Sodaro completed her second-ever IRONMAN race — taking home the championship gold in the professional women’s field

While the vast majority of ladies who had a baby are being waited hand and foot by their hen-pecked husbands, getting six months free vacation from their employer, having a housekeeper come in six times a week to vacuum, burning up her credit card on Amazon, getting carry out 3 times a day, having their mother come in to do the laundry, this Super Lady just want an Iron Man competition.

An American has won the IRONMAN World Championship for the first time in 25 years.

Chelsea Sodaro is a 34-year-old new mom who recently won the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in the professional women’s field. 

In October, just 18 months after giving birth to her daughter, Skylar, the professional triathlete won the intense competition. 

So what should this tell every human being on the planet?? If you want something bad enough and work hard enough to achieve it, there is nothing that is insurmountable.

My hat is off to the Super Lady and hopefully, her example will enlighten and encourage more people to follow in her aggressive footsteps.

I know that it is an impossibility for everyone to be a superstar like Chelsea. The moral of the story is, try your hardest no matter what you do. Don’t lie to yourself and say it can’t be done because you’re too lazy to get off the couch and welfare stamps. Don’t wait for the world to come after you, you have to go after the world, that is if want something bad enough.  

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  1. Laura Jaboni says:

    Wise words! Excellent advice!

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