Kanye or whatever his name is today, must have some super brilliant people working for him …..

Kanye West comments on fallout from his antisemitic remarks

By Dan Heching, CNN

Updated 10:08 AM EDT, Mon October 31, 2022

How can anyone that is so flighty and unpredictable be as successful as this dude is?? Supposedly he is/was worth about $2 Billion.


In a rambling 16-minute video shared by WmgLab Records on YouTube Saturday and seemingly recorded at some point after Adidas ended its business relationship with West on Tuesday, the artist appears to address a crowd of paparazzi and bystanders gathered outside a building as he exits.

“I think Adidas felt like cause everyone was ganging up on me that they had the right to just take my designs,” West told the small crowd.


He has been a billionaire since 2020, with his Yeezy-Adidas deal accounting for $1.5 billion of his net worth, according to Forbes estimates. Without Adidas, West’s net worth is “only” $400 million.3 days ago.

This just proves my theory; people in high positions or even the average person does not have to spill their guts every time they open their mouth. Silence is golden. Being a good listener is a very good attribute. Kanye had to learn that the hard way.

400 million or 1.5 billion; Either way the blabber mouth he’s not gonna miss any meals.

If I saw him standing on a street corner I probably give him a couple dollars to get cleaned up.

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