Who is the bigger imbecile …….

Biden mocked for claiming there are ’54 states’: ‘This guy is completely senile’

‘Painful and embarrassing to watch,’ tweeted one user in reference to Biden’s latest gaffe .

Who is the bigger imbecile, K J or the people that put him there??? Gotta be a toss-up.

I am really confused as to why they picked this fool for the top job in the country? I know one thing they sure, they picked a real doozy

Continuing with my conspiracy theory that he was chosen as a sacrificial lamb, so when the time was right he would either be carried out on a stretcher or thrown out the back door so Car-mella would become the first black female president of the United States. To me, that sounds like the most logical explanation. If that was their endgame, what the hell are they waiting for?? I don’t think he could get much worse or more pathetic than he is already. If left in office, I may want to retract that statement somewhere down the road.

ORRRR K J was the best the dumbo-cratic had to offer. That being said; if so, they are worse off than I thought they are.

It’s getting so bad, flagrant and incomprehensible with K J and his F-ups, he is like the maskless bandit that has robbed the same bank 50 times; they know who he is, he is on videotape each time, when he hands his constant companion of cue cards to the teller, he misspells robbery and stick up each time, but for some strange reason the people that own the bank do not want to have him arrested. Go figure.

I know one sure way of getting the money people off of their dead ass and make a move. K J has to be put in charge of their personal bank accounts and give him a free hand to invest and maneuver their funds as he sees fit. How long do you think it would take for them to deep six that fool??

Faster than Clark Kent could change into his Superman outfit.

I can tell you what they would do in another country where the lawmakers are not as corrupt and ignorant as ours. To start with they would have never given K J the nod. #2, he would have lasted no more than two months into his term.

The United States has to do what they have to do like the kid who had his arms look under a boulder and couldn’t get it out. After he tried everything he could to extract his arm and was getting nowhere, knowing that he was very close to death, he took out his trusty little pocket knife and cut his arm off. That is what the USA has to do with this fool, cut his proverbial arm off.

Aron Ralston And The Harrowing True Story Of ‘127 Hours’

https://allthatsinteresting.com › aron-ralston-127-hours-…

Sep 4, 2021 — In April 2003, Aron Ralston amputated his own arm after being trapped for 127 hours between an 800-pound boulder and a canyon wall in Utah’s …

Gotta do what you gotta do when your life is on the line.

Does it take balls – does it hurt, yes but only for a little while. At least he lived to tell his heroic tale. Unlike the USA that is too cowardly to do what it has to do to save its life. COWARDLY and capital letters.

Don’t ever tell me that I am just a bunch of conversation.

MESSAGE TO THE MONEY PEOPLE: Better get that sons of bitch out of the big chair before he destroys everybody including your personal bank accounts. When the shit really hits the fan it is going to effect everyone in the country not just the people under the bridge. Take a look at the illegal immigrant situation and tell me I’m wrong. Eventually what goes around comes around.

Aside from his making a fool of himself and embarrassing the country, he has most of the world leaders PISSED off at him and has destroyed our relationship with everyone that can help us. The man is an absolute fool, his ego and ignorance it’s going to be the downfall of the USA if not reigned in.

I know absolutely the two things that precipitated the discourse between countries. # 1 when KJ told the president of China, you were you are not my friend it is all business. # 2 when he bumped fisted the Saudi Prince and made disparaging remarks about his country. Those things have absolutely come back to him. Unfortunately he harmed the whole country not just himself.

Just like I said about PDT so many times, it is OK to think what you want but not always say what you think. #F-in #dangerous #idiot.

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