I keep saying these freaks are winning the war ……

Dad, daughter rip suspension for complaining about trans female in girls’ locker room: ‘I’m not sorry’

Blake Allen says she was told to apologize to the trans student

A Vermont middle school soccer coach and his daughter were suspended allegedly for complaining about a trans female in the girls’ locker room. 

Randolph Union Middle School soccer coach Travis Allen was suspended without pay by the Vermont school district for expressing his discomfort over a 14-year-old trans female sharing the same locker room with his daughter Blake and other female volleyball players as they undressed. 

“I made a social media post and referred to the male student as a male, and I was punished because I misgendered him,” he told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday.

I keep saying these freaks are winning the war and the fools on the other side are allowing them.

This force-feeding of the gender agenda is just one of the many insane issues on the far left/progressives’ agenda. These bastards and bitches are mentally disturbed and are trying railroad – impose themselves and their ideologies on the civilized sector of the country, and they are allowing them to do it.

I think I am going to start calling the RIGHT (silent majority) the no balls gang. I have never seen a group of people/cowards allow themselves to used and abused, PUSHED AROUND, MANIPULATE by a pack of F-in out of control bullies.

Thees extreme maggots (trying to keep it clean) keep pushing their agenda; from school criteria, to lawenforcement matters, worming their way into family matters – sexual preferences transsexual operations for minors and so much more.

Co-ed restrooms in schools and other public places – shared locker rooms – there does not seem to be an end to their insanity. Being the good majority of these people are so pro abortion; it would have solved a lot of problems if their mother aborted them before they were born. There are ideologies outrageous.

Post from a few days ago:

Fools like Ryan are just chipping away at what built this country, and kept it safe for so many years. brick by brick, stone by stone they are literally tearing down the walls that protected decent law-abiding citizens.

What is next, murder, rape, assault, vandalism, terrorist acts??

If the maniacs that support these laws are successful, the fools that support eliminating cops will win the war against crime because there won’t be any need for cops. The country will be wide open as the Wild West.

All of the saboteurs are in the same boat, trying to poke enough holes in the vessel every place they can to make the proverbial ship sink. They are beyond commonsense and logic.

One at a time they are picking their shots and going forward with their crazy ideologies; it seems to me little by little they are winning the war on decency.

My question is; if and when they succeed (they are getting good jump on it) with all of their twisted ideologies; what will they become but a bunch of disoriented fools, pointing the finer of blame at one another, not knowing which direction to go because the systems they created will be so out of whack it’ll be beyond repair.

Folks this is not rocket science; you only reap what you sow. If you plant the proper seeds, give them enough water, nurture and care for them, they will mature into a beautiful, strong plant. Abuse and neglect them; use them for neferious purposes, they will grow deformed, twisted and no use to anyone. This is exactly what is happening to our society.

The people that could make a difference, if they stood up and become recognized, are sitting quietly with their thumb where the sun doesn’t shine, allowing the other side to steam roll over them.

My advice is and always was; nip it in the bud using any methods necessary to get us back on the right track. When you capitulate and kiss their asses, they mistake kindness for stupidity and well use you like a doormat.

The good commonsense people in this country are not asking for anything out of the ordinary, just good old common sense and decency.

Actions are much more productive than a lot of 2 bit conversation. It has gotten to the point that the people who are constantly running their mouth and to not follow through with actions, their intentions ALWAYS come out on the short end.

Word to the wise.


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