These two cheaters are just stupid …..

Two men embroiled in Lake Erie fishing tournament scandal enter pleas to charges

The Lake Erie fishing tournament has come under intense scrutiny

Not only are they petty criminals, but they are stupid criminals on top of it.


Runyan and Cominsky were accused of stuffing five walleye with lead weights and fish fillets during the lucrative tournament. The allegations surfaced when tournament director Jason Fischer became suspicious because the men’s fish were significantly heavier than walleye of that length typically are.

If they were not so ignorant, they should have put fewer weights in their catch not making it look obvious.

How in the name of the almighty swordfish can these two fools plead not guilty when they were caught dead to rights stuffing weights down the fish’s throat so they can win the contest.

I think their two-bit ambulance chaser had something to do with the plea. If all criminals plead guilty right off the bat (as they are) there would be no necessity or need for those bums that chase ambulances around.

Fellas; plead guilty, take it on the chin and get on with your life. Don’t make yourself look like a bigger sap-sucking tuna than you already have.

ORRRR, should I say fish shit???


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