Makes sense to me ……

Pentagon defends cutting nuclear missile program in national defense strategy amid Russian tension

Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy lists China as chief threat to US, Russia a secondary threat

The Pentagon on Thursday defended plans announced in its latest National Defense Strategy (NDS) to reduce U.S. nuclear capabilities by eliminating at least two programs despite heightened tensions with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons as the deadly war in Ukraine rages.

Unadulterated proof. I have been standing on my soapbox for years screaming my nuts off that the people running this government are absolutely out to destroy it.

TMC (AKA the Manchurian Candidate) did the same thing when he was in office. Now the lame brain that served as his vice president is following suit.

Does that even make one ounce of sense for The United States to reduce its military strength while our enemies are building theirs up?? It’s impossible to fathom that these people are that God damn stupid.

I still would like to know, when the day of reckoning comes around, which one of these imbeciles is gonna stand-up, raise their hand and take the blame for all of the fuckups they created while Kamakazi Joe and TMC were in office.

Said the say it looks like some of the top military brass have succumb to the ignorance and or corruption of the hierarchy in the government.

I have asked this question so many times before; whose side are they on anyway??

They might as well send out invitations telling our adversaries; we are reducing our military strength so we can make it easier for you people come over and whip our ass. PLEASE DO.

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