If you are a day late, they put your #ass in #jail……

These Floridians were hit by Hurricane Ian a month ago. Here’s what FEMA has done for them so far


Just like so many other governmental organizations, FEMA sits around with its thumb up its ass most of the time with nothing to do except supposedly get ready and be prepared when a disaster strikes. We all know how that works.

Ask the people in Florida that were affected by the latest hurricane that hit that part of the country what they think of FEMA

After the storm passed, Sosa, 41, waited in line for three or four hours at a local library to apply for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, known as FEMA. She noted that she lives with her husband and teen son and explained what happened during the storm. About a week later, an inspector came to take a look.

But that’s the last she’s heard from the agency tasked with helping Americans cope with disasters. She hasn’t even received the $700 that FEMA doled out to many of her neighbors to help them with their immediate needs.

#Accountability and #efficiency are the names of the game. When any type of situation is handled by the government, we can be #guaranteed that it is going to be a #failure because of #laziness and #incompetence. On the other hand, when the same scenario would be handled by a private organization, productivity moves 10 times faster than the government. Why you AXE?? Accountability, efficiency and organization are the key elements.

When people that work for the government F-up, they are usually promoted and #hidden somewhere where they can’t get into any #trouble.

In the same situation, where are private contractor is awarded the job, the efficiency skyrockets? Why you AXE?? Private enterprise is paid by #results/accomplishments, not lip service.

The moral of the story is #double-edged. If you want to go through the rest of your life in a #parasitic environment, get a job with the government. The pay is good, perks are unlimited, the demands are few and there is little to no #accountability. The chances of getting fired for lack of #productivity are almost #zero. One gigantic #drawback; after about five years your #brain will become #dormant for lack of use.

Look at what the lack of brain usage did to Kamikaze Joe.

On the other hand, if you want to accomplish something in your life, be proud of yourself, stand out among your peers, set a good example for your kids, get a job in private industry, work your ass off, be aggressive, be accountable, be honest, and someday you may own the company.

It really is sad to say and very #embarrassing, the majority of transactions or activities the government has their dirty little fingers in, you can bet your sweet ass;

Like TMC said about his vice president, Kamakazi Joe, you can bet somewhere down the line Biden is gonna fuck it up.

Google cleaned it up and did not publish the exact quote.

Barack Obama reportedly said: ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s …

https://www.cbs19news.com › story › barack-obama-re…

Aug 16, 2022 — Barack Obama reportedly spoke with a Democrat, expressing his private doubts about Joe Biden becoming the Democrat presidential nominee in …

How long do we think it would take the government to come down on these people in Florida that have been decimated if they stopped paying their taxes until their situations were remedied?? About a New York minute.


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