Telltalesign of a habitual liar, shouting their way out ……

Biden makes it a habit to berate, scold, and insult reporters when he faces tough questions

A sure sign of guilty or a disturbed conscience. ORRRRR; in K J’s case, he has been on the bullshit wagon so long, he went nose dead.

Screaming, shouting loudly, banging their heads on the floor like a two-year-old brat, stomping their feet, and pulling their hair out are some of the first indicators of what a habitual liar does when their back is against the wall. Deny – Deny – Deny.

I have to give it to, Kamakazi, he is one of the most persistent liars that ever came down the Pike.

Who me??

The chronic liar is so insecure, they believe the louder they scream, the more obstinent they are, they will wear down their opponent hopefully putting an end to their embarrassing questioning. I have to say, Kamakazi has it known to science.

Kamikaze is having a rough time with reporters who are trying to hold his feet to the fire, pumping him for answers. He does not like to be questioned or put on the spot, K J is not used to being in the hot seat. Now that he has to accountable, the pressure of the job do not sit right with him.

He’s nothing but a hot head with a BFM (I am fairly sure he would not be offended by a few choice words) He has proven his immaturity time and time again, like when he challenged Donald Trump to a fisticuffs. I would have loved to see that pugilistic match come off and watch Donald Trump whip KJ’s ass all over the ring.

Biden: I would ‘beat the hell’ out of Trump if in high school › watch

If this is not a sign example of his immaturity and a unpolished fool, no one is.

I would love to see Tulsi run against K J in 2024, she will crush him.

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