The soft road is not for me ….

The Injustice of slack education.

I was just watching the news and saw something very interesting but not shocking.

There was a teacher at Georgetown University that got dismissed, fired, had his ass kicked out the back door, insulted, degraded all because his students thought that he was too strict and demanding of a teacher.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Aren’t those the qualities that a good teacher should have??

It’s a fact of life that most people do not want to acknowledge. In my opinion, the tougher a person is brought up without any abuse attached, in the way of learning to be independent and self-sufficient, how to handle any situation that comes down the pike, how to be self-reliant and not dependent on anyone the better off this person will be.

By cuddling, pampering and over-protecting kids, their parents teachers or any one of authority who fosters that type of rearing, are making a horrible mistake.

By the time a person reaches 10 years of age, they should already have a moral compass and a good game plan set for themselves as to how they’re going to conduct their life. I would hate to be the patient of one of these doctors from Georgetown University that operated on me when his idiotic professor did not teach them properly. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are at the mercy of under educated and pampered people such as this.

Through my own experience as a martial arts teacher, I always taught the realism of self-defense and did not sugar-coated potentially dangerous situations. The more realistic my training methods were, the better the student became. It would be completely unfair for me or any other teacher not to instruct their students properly.

In 99% of the cases, the student is only as good as their teacher. A substandard teacher produces substandard students that have an artificial sense of ability.

In a confrontation, if not taught properly, the instructor has given the students a false sense of security. That type of mentality of teaching the students properly and to its fullest extent should be incumbent of every teacher on the planet.

Whether it is martial arts science medicine mathematics, as teachers or instructors it is inparative and our obligation to instruct the students properly. Do your students a favor and teach them the proper way and most effective way to put their education to good use.

Two and two will always equal four; two and two will never equal five. Stick to the basics teach them never to go to a gun fight with a knife, metaphorically. Teach them to be able to survive mentally and physically in any type of situation scholastic or otherwise.

Through my own experience as a martial arts teacher, I always taught the realism of self-defense and did not sugarcoat potentially dangerous situations. The more realistic the training is, the better prepared a person is if and when the bell rings.  

Cutting corners to ease the burden is only coming productive.

There was a city a few years back that lowered the test score qualification of minorities for firefighting positions. I don’t have to tell you what type of ill-quipped people graduated from that Academy. Who suffered as a consequence of this unacceptable decision?? It was the students, but more over the general public that depended on the proper training of these candidates.

In 1958 I spent 16 weeks at Parris Island, Marine Corps boot camp. I do not want to get into my upbringing up until that point, but I can assure you it was extremely tough, Based on my old man who was in some cases an extreme disciplinarian and the neighborhood I grew up in; we either stayed home and played with our sisters dolls or went out and got the shit kicked out of us daily in the schoolyard. You get the picture.

If we ever went home with tears in our eyes because we got her ass kicked, we took another beating by the old man and thrown out the back door

I thought I knew every insult and degrading remarks ever concocted, vulgar language, the physical and mental discipline bordering on torture, and the beating I took from the DI every night. Needless to say at the time I did not appreciate that brutal method of training. There was only one method of training the USMC implemented, it was the Marine Corps way or the highway.

Looking back at it in retrospect I would not have it any other way.  By the time we graduated from Parris Island, there was not one situation that could come down the Pike that we were not able to deal with, physical of mental.

We were not firefighters whose test scores had to be lowered so they could pass the test.

Usually, about 15% or more of the recruits never made it to graduation day. Those that did could wear the uniform proudly. No one gave them anything, they had to earn it. That is one gigantic problem with today’s society, so many people have been living on handouts all their life, for generations, they do not know any other way to survive. In big part I believe the government should be creating these monsters.

I have always maintained the tougher the upbringing of a person is without any brutality attached, the more competent and self-sufficient this person becomes. Taking the easy road is doing that person a very severe case of injustice.

Who would you rather be in a foxhole with when the shit hit the fan??? To me, that is a foregone conclusion.

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