Just like everything else in his life..

Biden says his ‘intention’ is to run for re-election in 2024 during MSNBC interview

President Joe Biden said wife Jill Biden is in favor of a second term and thinks they are doing ‘something very important’

Just like everything else in his life, the man lives in total delusional.

To start with I don’t think the Democratic Party is that foolish to run this fool again. He has created so much destruction and havoc while he’s been in office even his own people can’t stand him.

If part of his position he feels that he is of sound mind and body, that alone is enough to disqualify him. Everything he touches turns into shit.

Only a 100% complete certified imbecile could try to deny all of the deficits/downsides he has created.

It is just mind-boggling the man lives in such complete denial. He has been doing it all his life.

Lies, damned lies and the truth about Joe Biden – The Hill

https://thehill.com › opinion › campaign › 499065-lies-…

May 22, 2020 — Biden echoed (falsely) the British Labor leader’s history that he was the first “in a thousand generations” to graduate from college and …

47 Years of Failure: Joe Biden Will Lie About Anything and …

https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu › documents › campai…

Oct 28, 2020 — On the heels of even more bombshells involving the Biden family’s corruption, the Trump Campaign has launched a new ad detailing the many …

Fact check: A look at Biden’s first year in false claims – CNN

https://www.cnn.com › 2022/01/20 › politics › fact-check…

Jan 20, 2022 — When President Joe Biden passingly said in a voting rights speech last week that he had been “arrested” in the context of the civil rights …

Just some of 1,000’s of articles written about the inadequacies of this guy. WFT is the public looking at???

I am not talking about political parties or rocket science; I am talking about every-day preposterously damaging decisions he has made to set this country back 10 years or more, but does not have the backbone or honesty to admit his mistakes. He is probably one of the most pathetic and proficient liars on this planet next to:

Jesus Christ, how can any normal halfway intelligent person (I did say and halfway intelligent person) look at the cover of this book that is staring them right in the face and still they denied they robbed the bank.

The proof is in the book, it is down in black and white put there by their hands. I haven’t heard anything recently, but it wouldn’t surprise me if THE BRAT and HIS GUY denies that the book even exists. GMAFB!!

Kamikaze Joe better start looking for a good nursing home instead of pipe dreaming about running for president in 2024. He is extremely lucky if he survives that long.

There is an old saying in Italian we use when a person is so fucked up that someone is trying to find at least one redeeming quality about them, They say: well at least he is clean (take a shower regularly). I don’t even know if I could say that about K J.

Let’s lay down a pattern and see if we could find something favorable to say about the man.

He is a liar, a cheat, swindler, womanizer, compulsion/loves to pet young ladies, thief, delusional, absent minded, criminal and many more adjectives I could tag on hi m. But yet he will stand in front of a microphone and lie his ass off expounding on what a great job he’s doing. How can anyone regardless of who they are, especially a person that holds such a prestigious position , be as bold faced a liar as K J. There can only be two reasons; delusional or stupid and he probably is both.

Not to mention, all of these allegations have been proven. It is only because he is who he is and he has the clout he has that he and THE BRAT have they are not been brought up on charges.

How embarrassing will that be if their day in court ever comes to fruition.

If by some miracle Kamikaze runs again in 2024, (I find that to be preposterous); that will certainly proven the depth and ignorance of the Democratic Party, by slicing their own throat and the throat of the American people once again.


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