K J drops a bomb everywhere he goes …

Saudi prince sends threat to the West after Biden warns of consequences for kingdom

The Saudi prince warned the kingdom is the ‘project of jihad and martyrdom’

Biden intentionally insults Muhammad bin Salman before his …

https://saudileaks.org › biden-15

Jun 22, 2022 — US President Joe Biden

Then the fool expects to be welcomed with open arms.

The man has numerous/multiple character flaws, no polish, no etiquette, no social skills, no refinement or anything else that is necessary to make a good leader of a country. In short Kamikaze Joe is an absolute classless character and a BFN.

His out-of-control obsession, the compulsion for running his mouth recklessly, his arrogance, lack of diplomacy, and unacceptable behavior have cost the USA relationships around the world.

I hate to be so bold, BUTT this guy is a fucking danger to himself, to the country, and to the entire world by his disruptive, distorted irrational personality. He is going to get us all killed.

His ego is so gigantic and out of control that he literally insults anyone and everyone he comes in contact with. There has to be someone or something that could get this fool under control before he decimates this country on account of his ignorance.

Just to demonstrate the ignorance of this man, he is burning bridges with the Prince on one hand and begging for oil on the other. Doesn’t even come close to making sense.

Kamikaze Joe was first in line to criticize Donald Trump for his running of the mouth. He makes Trump look like an apprentice and The Apprentice. The man’s ignorance and arrogance has no limits.

If he wants to slit his own throat, I will give him the knife, but because of his stupidity, he is cutting the throat of every citizen in the entire United States.

I knew the Crown Prince would get even because of that disrespectful fist bump of Biden’s and he certainly did by shooting him down with his request for oil. K J is an absolute menace to himself and the rest of the entire world.

No one but no one can go through life friendless or at least not having a few amicable relationships with the people they are dealing with, especially necessary in such a costly situation.

If you remember me saying so many times; how important it is to have good working relationships with your friends, and especially as important, possibly more important with your enemies. K J sure missed that addition of the G G.

The door for diplomacy should always be open!!!!!!

The biggest fool on the planet does not know when to keep their mouth shut. The old saying; be seen and not heard has a lot of merit.

Kill them with kindness, but never show your whole card. Those are two elements that K G has never learned, I don’t think ever will. He is more concerned about putting his arms around little girls and whispering sweet nothings in their ears. The boy is a disgrace.

Absolutely no justification – WTFDHTHI????

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