He lies like a cheap Italian rug …..

Dr. Fauci roasted for claiming he didn’t push for school closures: ‘The ultimate narcissist’

Fauci claims he never advocated for closing schools in new ABC interview

I don’t know folks, it is a big toss up as to who is the biggest bullshitter  – Kamikaze Joe or Anthony Fauci (AKA – Jaws in Italian).

There are dozens of articles like this one where Fauci definitely encourages closing schools in high transmission areas.

Dr. Fauci Flip Flops on School Closures, Now Urges Schools …

https://www.americanexperiment.org › dr-fauci-flip-flo…

Dec 4, 2020 — August 4, 2020: Dr. Fauci calls for the continuing closure of schools in areas with high transmission, and a hybrid learning system in areas ...

Open, close open, close open, close, the guy looked and acted like a doorman at a house of ill-repute.

Jaws could not make up his mind what the hell he wanted to do. I think the glamour and attention overwhelmed him (not to mention the $$$$) . Once you go to taste of fame, just like a drug addict, after the first couple of injections you couldn’t stay away from it.

He was one of the first proponents to suggest shutting down schools; now he denies he ever said that. I just cannot believe the lying and deception revolving around political figures. It is astounding.

Speaking of liars:

I was watching the news last night when Kamikaze Joe was being interviewed and asked about the economy of the USA. Every expert in the world knows that we are headed for a dramatic depression, everyone but K J.

He knew he was going to be interviewed, yet he did not have polish/class enough to put the ice cream cone down that he was stuffing in his face. He is a totally classless person.

One thing he does with expertise

When asked about the economy, he said the economy is strong as hell and there was nothing to worry about.

AGAIN: Every expert in the world knows we are headed for a dramatic depression, everyone but K J.

I’m very anxious to see how he can explain all of his predictions and falsehoods when they fall flat on their face?? The guy hasn’t been right twice since he took the presidency, or was it since Car-milla took the presidency, as KJ has indicated so many times.

Joe Biden Again Refers To Kamala Harris As “President Harris”

https://www.youtube.com › watch

May 13, 2022 — President Joe Biden again referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris,” during his remarks at the U.S.-ASEAN Special …

So may I AXE – if not the prez, what the hell does that make him??

The entire economic sector around the world is talking about an enormous recession toward the end of this year; all the while Kamikaze Joe denies there is one or we are leaning in that direction. Astounding.

How will this entire scenario going to play out when someday all of his lies and deceit are gonna catch up to him?? How will he bullshit his way out of the disastrous results of his incompetence when the bottom drops totally drops out and there will be nowhere to run and nowhere for him to hide.

Let’s face it; that time and day of reckoning will be inevitable for him.

Even his staunchest supporters are rolling boulders at him including his old boss TMC. I can’t really blame him, when there is no solution in sight, even a pathetic liar will have difficulty keeping support from with most ardent followers.

When K J was elected, I knew that I would have mountains of material to blog about, but never in my wildest imagination did I see the magnitude of it. I am running out of uncomplimentary adjectives to lay on the guy.

Gotta call it like you see it, folks; whitewashing and smoothing over undesirable conditions will never solve or help the matter.

Denial has never been my order of the day. In order to resolve any situation, a person or people have to go to the core root of the problem, recognize/admit it exists and make the necessary steps (no matter how hard they are) to correct the problem. Sticking our heads in the sand to pretend they do not exist is only detrimental.

A great American once said; the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Do whatever it takes to correct the situation, then cry later.

Grab the bull by the horns – Ram your fingers into the eyes of the beast – spit in the face of adversity – shove your fist down the snake’s throat, and do what has to be done to correct the problem.

By ignoring situations and pretending they do not exist only exacerbates the problem and never gets to its core.

If Kamikaze Joe does not have the balls to correct his blunders (being polite) he should resign or be impeached and put a competent person in his place to get the United States out of this downward slope we are on.

The only thing that will resurrect The United States back to where it was, are tough, hard necessary measures, not popularity contests to reverse whatever K J F-ed up so professionally and deliberately.

Licking an ice cream cone or whispering into a young lady’s  (ladies) ear does not cut it.

MESSAGE TO K J: Move over boy and allow someone else to steer the ship, you are definitely incapable and incompetent of being the captain.

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