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Biden admin keeps delaying oil and gas permitting due to math error

Biden admin math error is having a ‘real impact’ on offshore oil production, industry group tells

We have to give the fool one check mark anyway. he is totally consistent, by F-ing up everything he touches.

I know he is no Rhodes scholar, but supposedly he should have people on the staff that are mathematical Wizards and do not hold up the entire parade of getting back to oil production because of a mathematical error. 2 + 2 = 4 Ladies.

I’m sure that KJ will divert the blame away from himself and put the jacket on the janitor that mops the floor in the Men’s room for the error.

I’ve said so many times but it bears repeating. If the politicians we have in office were on the payroll in corporate America, they would not last long enough to open that pepper and egg sandwich their wife packed them for lunch.

There is absolutely no accountability in government. As a matter of fact; the more a person F’s up, the higher the position they hold it office.  

Poster boy for incompetence.

One big plus for KJ, he can’t remember what happened yesterday so he’s got a clear conscience

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