That is what they have wanted, let’s give it to them ….

For decades a certain sector of the American public has been screaming, begging, slamming their head on the concrete for a minority honchoess. Now that we have the perfect candidate in the wings, let us see which way the political wind may be blowing. It is time to call their bluff to see if they could back up all the noise they have making.

Problem being, they will not be able to control her like the puppets that are in office now.

In the past, all it has been is lip service coming from the progressive, liberal, socio Democrats who have been trying to push someone into the top seat that was just tokenism.

In my opinion, we have a great candidate who is a patriot being an officer in the Army, educated, has been in politics a long time, has a clean record, it’s not a thief or a crook and in my opinion, has all the credentials/qualifications we would need for a minority president. Her name is Tulsi Gabbard.

Doesn’t get any better than this.

Just thought about everyone that has run for president in the last 20 years, I had some reservations about voting for them. Not Gabby, as far as I am concerned, if all of the information we have been exposed to is accurate she is the real deal.

I can’t wait to see just to what extent/extremes the other side is going go to to try to dig up dirt on her. By now I am sure they have dug up Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Watson to investigate her. They are masters at the discrediting/spy game and are going to scrutinizer her from the day she was born

They have to be extremely pissed off at her for jumping ship and coming to the other side.

I don’t even know if she even tossed her bonnet into the mix yet. If not I hope she does soon, and if she has I would like to help her in any way I can. I would ask all of my Gazetters to do the same. She will need all the support she can muster up true to set up a counter-offensive against the master-controlling vultures.

One of the most astounding things the other side is doing, they are such F-in imbeciles they do not realize all of their irrational moves have only hurt them. They are literally kicking the American people and their nuts or vaginas and expect them to smile and thank them. Those are stupid fuckin people.

If it wasn’t so detrimental to the American public, I would suggest they keep on the same course that they’re going, and for sure their Ship of Fools will be sunk.

What is the old saying; the sons a bitches are so stupid they do not know when to come out of the rain. I would like to revise that and update somewhat; when to come out of the monsoon.

At this point, they absolutely do not want anyone with credentials to get in there and quit rocking their ship that has holes in its hull and sinking rapidly.

Their stupidity/backdoor/devious strategy has backfired on them. I just hope that the majority of the American people can see through their enormous facade and turn their back on them.

The rationale behind those fools supporting Kamikaze Joe for the top job was absolutely ludicrous. Based on his physical and mental condition that did not just surface, there is no Fi-n that boy should ever been given the nod for the top position. I said this before and I will say it again. if supposedly KJ is the best person they could have anointed for The Big Chair, they have some very severe problems.

If their motivation wants to put someone in office that was going to help heal the country, and that person made a concerted effort to do so, my hat would be off to them. That is/was not the case.

BUTT their primary mission was to undo everything that Donald Trump did and exercise nothing but revenge to get even for Trump embarrassing them in 2016 by kicking their ass.

As I stated many times before; I could careless who was in the top seat, black, white, green, yellow, democrat, republican, even a communist would have been a better choice, as long as they did the job that they were elected to do.

As far as I’m concerned I think multiple political parties are nothing buy a joke. They’re gonna do what they want how they want when they want, whether it is a party standard or not. Who is trying to bullshit ??

So to the GREAT people in the USA, if Tulsi Gabbard is running for president, let’s put our full support behind her. If she isn’t, let’s try to courage her to do so.

As I’ve mentioned before in some of my posts, somewhere down the road I will put Gabbard in the same bracket as gold Meir and Margaret Thatcher. Now is some good company to be compared to.

Tough and fair as they come


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