I thought Putin is a deranged/mentally ill MOTHER……

Teenage girl fights for her life in India after alleged rapist’s fire attack

By Rhea Mogul, Devendra Singh Chauhan and Vedika Sud, CNN

Mainpuri, IndiaCNN — 

Fears are growing for the survival of a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly set on fire by a family member who is also accused of raping her as she fights for her life at a hospital in northern India.

In a case that has shocked the country, police in Uttar Pradesh state arrested an 18-year-old man and his mother on Monday on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly pouring kerosene on the girl and setting her ablaze upon learning she was pregnant, according to police officials.

“She’s critical. Doctors are trying to save her but there (may be) no hope of survival,” the girl’s mother told CNN on Thursday.

WTF is the matter wth those people who are still living in the stone age and barbaric ages. The mentality that they share in that part of the world is so chaotic and antiquated that it is beyond belief. The worst part about I, it is an acceptable punishment in that part of the world.

OK exile her – 5 lashes with a whip, have the family disown her, BUTTTT to set the poor girl on fire is total insanity.

Fools in that part of the world who espouse to that method of punishment, the year is 2022. Put the napalm away and smell the roses.

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