Desperate people do desperate things ….

Deaths among mobilized Russian troops mount sparking criticism at home: report

Pro-Russia milbloggers say Russian death tolls among conscripts higher than reported

It is a sad situation, the deaths of these ill equipped men. What can be expected from civilian soldiers who most probably did not have the proper training. or minimal at best.

I am the first one to believe that patriotism is paramount regardless of what country you live in, but under these circumstances, it is absolutely brutal that Putin is forcing untrained civilians to fight in his homicidal war.

I don’t think it has been determined yet exactly what this madman will do when he has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and runs out of options. In my opinion, he will hit the red button; what his targets will be is another story.

Hopefully, he is not stupid or vicious enough to lob his weapons across the pond, but when someone is desperate, and not playing with the full deck, they are very unpredictable, sometimes not knowing themselves what the hell they are going to do.

I am still waiting for the the Knight in shinning atmour, Putins’ Judas, to come out of the closet, be the hero of Russia and the rest of the world. Wishful thinking.

There has to be a way for this madness of Putin to come to an end. I think the super-powers in the free world has the technology. If they can read a license plate on a car from 200 miles up in space and hit their bullseye with extreme accuracy, that may be the answer. I think there is a lot to be said for preemptive strikes.

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