Gigantic factor in the downfall of this country ..


Published October 13, 2022 1:36pm EDT

Fraternal Order of Police hammers ‘culture of lawlessness’ after 12 officers shot since Monday

National Fraternal Order of Police blames ‘some political and media figures’ for rise in violence against police

National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

Since Monday, at least 12 police officers have been shot. The spewing of anti-police rhetoric by some political and media figures as well as the failed policies of rogue prosecutors and judges are placing our officers in greater danger. This culture of lawlessness must stop!

There doesn’t seem to be any rational or even irrational way to get across to these lawmakers, judges and prosecutors that are allowing the criminals to take over this country.

Turn it inside out, upside down, sideways, front lock, back lock, overhead lock, there is NFW that any of this makes sense.

I really do not like putting the whammies on anyone, but for the sake of mankind, I wish all these ignorant, anti-American imbeciles that are behind these movements, all the bad luck anyone possibly can have, including themselves being the victims of the lawlessness. If and when that would happen, possibly they will open their eyes and see the reality of their ignorance. It is absolutely horrendous.

If part of their mutinous game plan is to have all the cops in the country walk off the job; they may be getting close to their desired results.

There is not enough tea in China that would be worth it for me to be a policeman in this day and age or a fireman for that fact. I will go so far as to say I would not blame them at all for walking off the job and leaving this country totally naked to the criminals.

The way I see it these bastards are winning the war.

All of the cops are literally walking around with a gigantic bullseye on their backs. That is not what they signed up for. Their primary concern when enlisting in the Police Department was to protect and serve the public, not to be a target for every criminal to take a pop shot at.

They’re being handcuffed behind their back and thrown into the lake and expected to swim. Try it it’s not fun

Even worse than that, these people cannot get any support from the officials that pull the strings.

Got a few bad ones,  get rid them.

I’m just taking a wild F-in guess at how many supporters of the defending or eliminating cops have relatives and other family members that are locked up in jail or prison. I trying to reverse their psychology, I am posing a logical commonsense question to all of them in an effort to get through their thick skulls.

Just because your cousin, your father, your uncle your brother, prob possibly even your mother are imprisoned for committing a crime, does that make you and the rest of your relatives criminals as well??

There can only be one answer to that and it has to be a big no. Based on that assumption HITF can people blame all cops for the actions of a very small percentage? Supposedly because of these circumstances, it is why all of this leniency to criminals got it start. If your mother is a hooker, does that make you a hooker, because your brother is a rapist does that make you a rapist, if your cousin is a murderer, does that make you a murderer?? I think you all have the picture by now.

Get your head out of your ass and put the responsibility where it belongs. this insanity, if it persists and I think it will, it’s going to be a gigantic anchor that is going to sink the United States.

Once again; I wish the supporters of this lawlessness all the bad luck anyone can possibly have. Have them get a taste of their own deadly/poisonous medicine and see how they sleep at night.

va fongool

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