Did they say lost credibility …..

Fox News

3 ways Joe Biden lost credibility with voters and what it means for the midterms

President Biden has forfeited a lot of goodwill by denying reality, making ridiculous excuses, and blaming others for his administration’s mistakes

Did anyone say lost credibility??

Last time I looked; in order for someone to lose something, they first must own it. This guy has not had any credibility ever since he’s been in politics, that is almost 60 years.

Kamikaze Joe is a prime example of someone that slid in the back door, got elected to political office, and has been intercoursing the canine, on the gravy traain ever since, seemingly to be untouchable.

The way these people survive in the political arena is by scare tactics, false promises, deceptive rhetoric,  unattainable campaign promises, and fear.

Who do you think of desperate, starving, down on their luck person is going to vote for?? Someone that tells him the truth about how bad things are or someone that bullshits them and promises them everything but after being elected, comes up with nothing. I think the answer is easy.

For the most part, every politician walked through the front door with holes in their shoes, after six months walks out the back door to a chauffeur-driven limousine.

The only thing they are concerned with is, how much they can enrich themselves while they are in office.

If that seems too hard for the normal citizen to believe, why is it that politicians are not governed or do not have to live by the same rules and regulations the average citizen does??

They do they have their own healthcare, their own retirement, a multitude of benefits many more than the average citizen.

Why is it that the rules and regulations the average citizen has to live by are not good enough for the people that represent us? What a dumb F-in question. In their own greedy, minuscule pea brains, they think they are better than all of us.

Why when the government shuts down (it has happened several times) because of their incompetence in not keeping it going, does everyone else benefits and paychecks stop except theirs?? It must be a great benefit to be able to write the laws they live by.

I used this example many times before, but it bears repeating. Historians claim that prostitution is the oldest occupation in the world. I say that some politician was her pimp. So tell me who came first.

They want to talk about equality, fa-get-a-bout-it. As far as the politicians’ mentality goes, the citizens of this country aren’t just gum on the bottom of their shoes, and a means to keep them rolling in dead presidents. If you think politicians give a shit about the American public, think again. That goes from the top down. What is the last thing they have ever done for us?

So someone tell me what kind of credibility Kamikaze Joe really has. What do you see when you look through a glazed doughnut?? NOTHING but a hole.

Credibility my ass. Look had all the illegal activities Kamikaze Joe, his family, and his constituents have been involved in while he’s been in political office. All he does is continually lie his ass off and keeps laughing at the system.

Tip of the icepick:

The Untold History of the Biden Family | The New Yorker

https://www.newyorker.com › magazine › 2022/08/22 › t…

Aug 15, 2022 — Biden, Sr.,’s country-squire tastes caused tension with his soon-to-be in-laws, the Finnegans, a well-educated family of modest means. Jean’s …

Hunter Biden: The struggles and scandals of the US … – BBC

https://www.bbc.com › world-us-canada-55805698

5 days ago — The possible legal trouble follows years of Hunter Biden’s well-documented personal travails, including a public marital break-up and drug …

The Biden Family Investigation – Part III: James Biden

https://www.grassley.senate.gov › news › remarks › the…

Apr 5, 2022 — Hunter Biden wasn’t the only Biden family member who had … First, we’ve got two examples of more wire transfers from Hudson West Three for …

That is not even scratching the surface. Will justice ever prevail??? Who the hell knows. All I do know for sure, the guy is a solid piece of work. He has been more detrimental to this country than any president ever has, COMBINED!!!

Credibility my ass.

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