Shit or get off the pot political fools…

House Oversight ranking member ‘confident’ the Biden family ‘committed a crime’: ‘This is very serious’

Hunter and Jim Biden were ‘influence peddling’ with countries America sanctioned, Rep. James Comer says


Either play the broken down-radio or throw it out. They have been beating a dead horse for years over this bandit family, playing the same old song, knowing they are guilty as sin. In desperation they keep trying to shove the damning evidence under the covers hoping it will go away.

If and when (doubtful) this thing is brought to fruition, this thieving family will go down in political history as the worst of the worst.

In his own words – Jesse and Frank James

These boys love to write tell books so they can beat their chest. In all of their ignorance they may not considered the fact their ego may just be their Waterloo.

Someone has to drop the hammer on these thieves and wipe that arrogant smile off their faces. They are making an absolute mockery and a circus of the constitution.

The authorities should quit pussy (they both love that word) footing around and take the entire clan to the proverbial gallows.

There is too much damning evidence to be ignored.

Wait and see if my prediction is accurate; THE BRAT KID will throw his old man (THE BIG GUY) under the bus to save his own ass.

There is not one ounce of loyalty or decency between the father or the son.

If the feds would hang a golden pork chop out there to tempt Lilly livered BRAT, they should offer him limited immunity, a lifetime supply of all the hookers he could handle, all the white powder he could snort. That for sure would be enough to drop his drawers and put the shit on HIS GUY. .

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